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89005: Amiri Iconic. Barbarian


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Thanks so much for the encouragement.


This is a fantastic effort after a month I think we are gonna see great things from you ;)

This was my first attempt at painting (my gnome was done after a month of painting). But I should confess I have an arts background (watercolours mostly) and I'm painting with a really experienced painter. For this one he put the paints I needed in front of me and guided me through it step by step. Some of you may have seen another Amiri painted as a half Orc and you might recognise the background I'm using.

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You are very talented and have a great teacher. Amazing how you came out of the gates at a gallop, most of us around here it takes 20-30 figures or more to get to where you are at right this very moment. I'm really not joking.

This. Arts background or not, this is impressive. Welcome to the forum!


What they both said. For your first figure, you've done an amazing job. It's really very nice. If you stick with it and keep practicing, you'll be doing some really cool things in no time. Welcome aboard!

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Thanks everyone.



Fair warning, it's a known fact that if you buy/paint a mini, that character dies soon after! So be careful!

Really? I guess I've been,playing D&D for a little over 2 months now and none of my characters have died yet. The way I'm going I'll be painting characters faster than I can play them.

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