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CAV: SO Friday Feature [1/16/2015]


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My buddy and I are probably just running merc groups until we are slid on the rules, faction things will just be more to remember for us. Looking forward to quick play rules showing up. Cavboss will the quick rules be public info before the book posts so we can start learning?

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The Almiths are the exiled losers of the Adonese Perrini Wars. They may use Adonese models and will be getting a few select models unique to them later one.


We are formatting the quick start rules now, trying to find the right balance and once done will be available for download.

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a couple of typos I spotted:

"The Dogs of War Doctrine
No Price to Big, No Job to Small"



both 'to' should be 'too'.




Air Superiority Doctrine
Dedicated Air Support
The Federation Fleet works closely with the legions to provide close-air ground support, attacking enemy targets in close proximity to friendly forces. To improve coordination, the Fleet provides Forward Air Controller specialists that deploy directly with the legions they are assigned too.



should be "directly with the legions to which they are assigned" or "directly with the legions they are assigned to"

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