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Started painting this one up today to practice shading and highlighting.  I read in one of the tips and tricks threads about using liner for primer on Bones...I am sold.  It makes it so much easier to see the detail without obscuring any of it.  


So far the face and hands got a basecoat and the cloak got the basecoat, shading, and some highlighting done.  I am going to keep working on the cloaks shadows/highlights some more tomorrow.  I may also go a little darker on the skin so that I have some room to highlight without making the face too bright.  


post-9758-0-23446400-1421461697.jpg post-9758-0-63482300-1421461697.jpg

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I did some more work on Danar.  Things went horribly wrong last night due to a poor choice of color for the shirt/pants.  I tried to use P3's Coal Black but it just didn't work with the cape.  It is a shame because it went on really well.  I then decided to go with a light tan to keep the colors greens and browns.  As I was putting on the lighter color it took on bluish tint that I liked.  I ended up using Aircraft Grey with Ashen Blue for the shadows.  I am not sure if I like it or not.  May redo it using Ashen Blue as the mid-tone.  Also I am not sure what to do about the leather armor.  I want to make the top piece stand out from the chest piece.  I tried to make it a different color brown but it still kinda blends together.  Any ideas would be appreciated.


I also ended up doing a couple passes at the eyes.  The first was after some coffee so I must have been going for that look here:



I went back later today and fixed the eyes.  They look much more proportional now.  Also probably the best non-chibi eyes I have done to date.




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