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Primer Discussion (Split from January 9 Update)


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Ditto! I can't see detail for ...stuff on black or white minis. Believe me, I've tried!


I do military vehicles with a base of black, but figures? Nope.


And as much as I love Bones, the main reason I haven't painted any of my Bones I, ok, ONE of the reasons, is I can't see stuffe! I bought some colored Army Painter primers, since word is Walmart primer doesn't work (I tried it on 2 Bones, but it cured somewhere between 2 weeks and several months...I didn't keep checking... :down:) to try on them, but haven't yet. I could do the brown liner treatment, but if I have to brush base several hundred minis...well, add that to my procrastination list. Another reason I wanted to see the grey plastic CAV models, to see if it helped, then I would plead uselessly to have all Bones done in grey...


*ramble, ramble*

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Got an airbrush?  Brown liner + airbrush.  The theory is sound.  I should try it when I get back.

I do in fact have an airbrush. A cheapy Testors (yeah, that one). I tried it once on paper. Didn't go well. Needs more practice.


I see so many beautiful things done with airbrush (art, minis, body paint, you name it), but I can't connect the dots...but then, I could say the same for regular mini painting... ;) but I really want to learn airbrush for larger minis.


Hey! There's a class for RCon, though I don't think I'm going to make it this year either...

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Brown, people. The cool kids prime brown.


At least, I do. I use it especially for figures with a lot of leather or cloth; that way any uncovered primer blends with my shading. I don't blackline, so this is doubly important... And on furry things, dark brown almost always hides the inevitable white patch that the washes miss.

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