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77059: Black Orc (Bones)


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So this is only my third fantasy fig ever. I have been painting for quite a while but it has always been battlemechs, CAVs, tanks, etc. I've been enamored with Song of Blades and Heroes and intend to use this for a warband. At any any rate, I'm fairly happy with it given my experience while at the same time realizing there is certainly room to improve. Thoughts are more than welcome as I want to grow. Some of this I posted in Show Off so bear with me if you have heard it before. Things I think I learned: 


1. Eyes are a pain in the backside. These turned out OK I guess but I felt like I was more lucky than anything else with where my green pupils ended up. I'm not sure how I will manage on figures with smaller faces. Need to find a good tutorial.


2. Glazes need some work. Not sure I had my recipe correct. I felt like it helped the skin transition some but not to the extent I was hoping for.


3. If I want something to look rusty I can use a lot more ink. I used an orangy burnt sienna on the armor to tone it down and you can barely make out the difference. When I was putting it on it felt just right but after drying, meh, not so much.


4. The camera is unkind. I felt like this looked pretty good from a tables eye view but when I look at the pics I find a great deal to be critical of.


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1. Yes, eyes are a PITA. There are some good posts here on the board about how to do them. It's going to come down to practice. I think you did a good job with his eyes, though.


2. I can't glaze anything; I'm still trying to 'get' that.


3.I think you did well on the armor. It has a worn, beat up look to it.


4.Yes, cameras are incredibly unkind.


You did a great job for your 3rd fantasy mini, keep it up!

I also like the non-standard (green) orc skin, too.

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The issue I think I had with the glaze is that I was unsure of the recipe to mix it myself. I just thinned my original base color (dark elf flesh) with airbrush medium until it was about the consistency of water.

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The glaze was a bit too thin, IMO.  I think you would do well to make them a little bit thicker (something around skim milk to 2% milk consistency).  It's a well done figure, your Mech-painting experience shows this and does a good job translating across to the new figure type.

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