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Show me your.....animals!

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Lets play a game!

I will post a picture of an animal miniature I have painted. Then, someone posts a pic of an animal mini they have painted. I will then follow with an animal mini, and so on. :upside:

Real animals only, extant or extinct.

Most of mine are speedpaints, so grab a mini and join in!



At the edge of the woods your party sees.....a  red fox!



Reaper Miniatures fox familiar on 25mm base.

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perfect! looks great, nice colors, basing, and sculpt. MFG?





.......a bluejay!


Reaper Miniatures Bones hawk familiar on 20mm base.

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The detail on the bluejay is wonderful.




I painted these guys a month ago for Pathfinder.


Minis are:

02830: Wolf Pack (Three small ones)

02415: Dire Wolves (White wolf and Black wolf)

03490: Warg (Big gray fella in the back)

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wow, those are really great! I love the color variations you've done on each of the different types. I will definitely be getting those for the collection.




...a racoon!

Reaper Miniatures racoon familiar on 20mm base.

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I had this idea once to make ordinary wolves into Chaos [!] Wolves by giving them an unnatural coloration. (Dark Grey on the starboard side but Medium Cinnamon to port.)


Forgot to add, though I am sure it is obvious, 3x styrene wolves from Games Workshop. Part of a unit of five.

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haha! :lol:  love the variety. so lifelike!




Reaper Miniatures skunk familiar on 20mm base.

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