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Looking for decals


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I'm trying to find a place that has lion decals for my Living Greyhawk character.

My freehand skills are nowhere near ready to do a lion rampart yet, so I'd like to find a decal. Can anyone point me in the proper direction?


Here's a link to Keoland, my character's home region. It's got the heraldry on the front page:


Keoland - Living Greyhawk

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The lion on the shield of SK's Stern Kestrelmann minis are decals, if I recall correctly. SK, can you remind us where you got these?

Yes, Flynn is correct. I went looking for some lion decals and another board member (Smokin') graceously sent me a small cache of old (1990 and 1991) GW Bret Knight waterslide transfers. I've still got a bunch of them, what color and size are you looking for?



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I just posted the other day, coincidently, though it was on the sci-fi board. I'm with Fighting Pirannha Graphics, and we do custom decals. We're currently licensed to do decals for Reaper's CAV game, but we've done some custom decals for 25-30mm minis in the past.


We could easily do the image from the Keoland site (assuming its not a copyrighted image) or something similar, either as a sheild design as depicted, or just the black lion if desired. if you're interested check out our site and drop me a pm or email.


We've been wanting to break into the 25-30mm figs market for some time, but we're not quite sure what to do...


Thanks for looking.


PS: I don't mean to muscle in on a potential trade you guys have going - that's not my intention. I just figured if people are coming to this thread with decals on the brain, I could point out our website and custom decal services. Thanks

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@ Adrian - Do you make Waterslide or rub-on transfers? I've been looking for a place that does rub-ons (a difficult process from what I've gathered in way of research). Perhaps a PM is in order.


Edit - just visited your site, answered my own question (Waterslide).




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