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Nai-Khanon, Reptus Hero


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I had to pull this up on my phone since whatever you use to post pics is blocked at work. It was well worth it! Great job!!!


I use photobucket for all my pic posts.  Glad it was worth the extra effort to view!

Nice job on The Khanon. He's a model I don't often use in my builds, but he's a cool figure, and you've done him well. I like your concept for the lizard castes.



Thanks, I read Anne McCaffrey's Pern series growing up and took the idea of a dragons color deciding its hierarchy. I have  yet to actually play a game of warlord so i'm not sure how much I'll use any one unit more than others. For now I'm taking my time painting the army to a slightly better than tabletop standard until I have someone locally who knows how to play.

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