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[GROUP/OPEN] RBG KS Trebeard Figures!


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Hughbert is looking great, he looks right at home in a grim and gothic campaign!

Back in those days bastard would have just been a literal, 'you don't have a father's last name to inherit' but I prefer to think of it more to do with a grim and vicious attitude with respect to the figure and his demeanor.

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ok, I am killing several birds here.  First, I need to get some images together for my classes and what better way to tackle weird fleshtones than to use one of Mr Manor's awesome trolls. Plus he said something about a contest... sucker for contests... :blush:


Meet primed troll:


This fellow must have slipped slightly in the mold because he had some funky musculature at his mold lines.  But, the greenstuff was kind to me and now he is ready to meet technicolor!


So... I'm supposed to impart wisdom in my class, so I thought I'd throw out an alternative view on "triads"  Sorta.  Anyway, I picked up a few of my new kickstarter colors to try out.  Spruce Green and Umber Brown, and then I used twilight blue, walnut brown, fair skin and leather white.  I think I may add in some spattered crimson.  Here's a way to play with colors prior to painting.  It's nice to figure out how they behave together.  I put them on some watercolor paper:



Fun with color!!  So my basic colors are going to be the three on the top left.

Here he is with a face but otherwise just basecoating:


I added palomino gold in the teeth, then thought about using it in the fur, but was very unhappy with the colors.  see:


Nope.  Too yellowy.  Should have played with it first... sigh.  So I'll go with my original plan which as to blend the fur from umber to twilight blue.  The plan will be a diorama with a squashed figure under a rock and another hiding from the troll.  Trying to decide if I can steal from the bones pile or if I'll just have to sculpt a cowering something.  More soon!

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I'm painting Sir Grantham Smythe concurrently in the Gamut Mask challenge using only: Earth Brown, Midnight Blue and Auburn Shadow. Pure White can be used for highlights and doesn't count against the three colors.


Progress tonight during Roll20 DND.




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That surcoat is awesome ( the whole model is really, but you really nailed it in the surcoat )

Thanks! That is the one part of the figure where I took my time on the blends since there were only 4 hours to spend. Other blends look a lot rougher to me but I just didn't have time to work them anymore.


I was originally going to paint the surcoat white when I picked him up, but as I kept going it wanted to be orange in my head so I went with that.

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Best shots I could manage come from the cellphone:



Eyes are not the best, but I cannot get them right anyway... let me know what you think please guys!

I have a hell of a time with the eyes on Tre's figures. I think it's either because I'm getting older or the true scale is throwing me off and I need a loooot more practice.


Loving the weathered beaten look on the blade.

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Thanks Joe!


This is were I am right now. C&C?










Obviously the dio is still early WIP, plus it lacks the heavy snow coat... but I am looking forward comments on the disposition, layout, flow, etc.

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