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So very much work to be done...I hate WIP stuff...

Alright friends! Off to bed for me seeing as how I have critically ill patients for whom to care in the morning. A parting pic of the continued effort on Betty.    Will work on a quick blend before

Some more progress on detailing Betty tonight by shading her metal darker with Dark Elf Skin glazes and other little touches here and there.    Used Muddy Brown to start picking out elements of Reyv

Posted Images

Ok so anyone that really knows me out here knows how bad I am about following through on WIP type projects and that I hate posting work as it's "underway". That said, I want you all to see that I've now posted pics twice for the sake of how much I love RBG and Trebeard figures and the community to which I lovingly belong.


Beginning to glaze the inside of Reyviande's cloak toward white with the intent of giving him a Shadowbane/blade Inquisitor feel; I'll probably try to come up with a pattern for the inside of the cloak or something.


Mostly just adding glazes and washes of tone to get the right 'feel' for Betty and Meghan; once I get the right tone that I like I move into altering and detailing.


I'm like a freaking mad scientist.




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I went ahead and did another glaze of black-green over Betty, and a glaze of jungle moss over Meghan. I then did a glaze of worn navy over the white of Reyviande's inside cloak to begin blending it all smoother. So much to do...

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More updated pictures, painted at Starbucks for a few hours today and worked on these three along with a pair of other individual ReaperCon entries. I've decided to use these three as a ReaperCon diorama in lieu of a pair of other dioramas I had planned. One of my individual entries isn't quite coming out as I envisioned so these should get more attention as I struggle with my vision on that piece.


As you can see, I'm continuing to lay out tonal/color changes across the figures with little commitment to actual detail enhancement or highlighting; it's how I work.




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I'm sure other people paint like I do so I doubt it's that unique of a style, but yeah, I basically start with a single color wash over the primer to set an overall (tone/mood) to thematically tie the figure to a temperature. From there I use glazes and washes to hone down on a more specific theme which you can see differentiates each of the three figures nicely. 


Reyviande will end up cool/calculating in appearance, Meghan warm and 'hungry' and Betty with a tone somewhere in between as if on guard. Once the diorama is completed, which I'm thematically working around a 'hunt' it'll make complete sense. I hope.


My goal is for the colors/tones of each figure to enhance their role in the diorama. It's weird how my brian operates now.

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I'm sure other people paint like I do so I doubt it's that unique of a style

Maybe, but I've never seen or heard of painting like that, and it opens entire new ideas for me!

Well, in that case I'm glad I could share a different approach with a great painter!

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Tradkarl! Work on that instead of Urrl. :P



Tradkarl! Work on that instead of Urrl. :P




You got a color scheme in mind for me to do?  :huh:



Yeah, gotta say I am looking forward to seeing you do Tradkarl.  He was the figure that forced my hand into pledging, then it all went out of control from there.


Brown, maybe some green.  Red hair with a touch of grey in the beard and temples.  A nice freehand Viking dragon knot on the face of the cask too, I think.




@ Adrift:  Very nice.  They are looking great.

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    • By Kangaroorex
      Well 2020 is over and even though the year wasn't so great I did get my dragon goal of 12 dragons completed (actually completed 15 !) So with the new year I'm looking to try it again.
      The last year I did a bunch of dragons from all eras a d makes.  This year I think I will make the challenge a little more specific.  This year I'll try for 12 dragons from defunct companies: grenadier, Ral Partha, Thunderbolt Mountain, heritage, and others that are no longer producing today.  Whether i include minis from companies that died recently, im not sure (and I  know Ral Partha lives on as Iron Wind and Grenadier lives on as Merltion?  But I'm including them because its my challenge and the ones I have are the originals. 
      That said the first piece I did was the Bridge of Sorrows.  It came out really well so I let my better half look through my old boxed sets and she chose the next one:  Clutch of Fear!
      This is another mini that I have had sitting in its box waiting for decades to be completed and its time has come (besides if I really mess up they have started recasting the molds again so its not an utter disaster. Also, since i have this one in the original box, I thought i would do a WIP to show how it goes.
      Here is what it look like when I opened the box...

      All the parts are there, including the instructions (more on those in the future) and an "inspected by 3" as well as assembly instructions.
      Hope you all enjoy the ride.  I'll try to be diligent with updates.
    • By ManvsMini
      So anyone who follows my planned goals for hobbying/painting in the Speed Painting subforum knows that I don't fair very well when it comes to monthly goals; I barely got one month's goal done last year. So this year I've decided to give myself a bit of leeway: an entire year to try to complete five hobby goals from 25 possibilities. The idea was inspired from Rob Hawkins' blog, that I've sporadically read for a few years.

      I've tried to tailor my card to areas in which I typically struggle yet still retain some fun, as well as to make sure that no path to victory is entirely easy for me. Given that I finished no models last year, this should still prove quite a challenge for me.
      A couple squares are time sensitive goals. To provide myself with a bit more incentive, I've decided to incorporate some health goals into the mix should I fail to achieve them. For example, if I'm attempting the assembly of 10 model in under a week, however many models I fall short by equals a number of physical exercises. I'm looking forward to it (both the exercise and getting through some of my stash).
      I'll do my best to post here so you all can keep me honest. Don't be afraid to ask me about my progress!
    • By Darcstaar
      Well, while I let Devona dry, I’ll switch gears to a mini off the shelf of waiting...

      The plan is for an ice ogre, with blue-gray skin.
    • By rubegon
      I haven’t been on the forum much this year.  Since joining Anne Foerster’s Patreon I’ve been spending more time on Discord.
      I’ve been painting this guy following the paintalong she’s done for one of the tiers.  It’s the first time I’ve tried to do a “display quality” paint job.  Other firsts are NMM, freehand, leather texture, cloth texture, and sculpted base elements.
      I actually started this guy early this year, but then stopped painting altogether for about 4 months after the pandemic started.  I picked him back up in July and am getting close to finishing.  I’m posting a series of pics I’ve taken as I went, and will continue to post as I finish him up soon.

      Feb 29: prepped and primed, with some minor GS work

      Mar 1:  base GS sculpting

      — LONG BREAK —
      Aug 2:  skin lined, basecoated, and shaded

      Aug 6:  skin initial highlights

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