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Hey all,


This might be a bit surprising, but I'm having some trouble finding just normal boars.  I can find plenty of dire boars or boar riders, but zippo when it comes to a garden-variety one.  Any ideas?  Oh, and price is definitely a consideration.

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D&D prepainted minis!!


They made one that showed up in the later sets. Dungeon Command: Blood of Gruumsh


I needed one for my We Be Goblin games last year & ended up getting a single off ebay.



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Iron Wind Also has a garden variety boar as well.


Edit: I can't seem to find it on their website but I know I bought one at Gencon this past year. Odd.


DF-214, just put Boar in the quick finder and it came right up.


I saw the giant one but there should also be a smaller one. Might be one you can only get in their bits boxes at Cons and not in their online catalog. The giant one may work though since an older sculpt so it's smaller than modern sculpts.

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