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Edited to add link to the kickstarter:



Going Native: New World Monsters - New Kickstarter Campaign that will launch 2/1/15 and will last until 3/8/15




Monster size chart



Throughout the folklore of the native peoples around the world, there is always something that roams beyond what is known and safe. Be it a shadow in the mists, a form in the tree line or a shape in the night the mind creates monsters and creatures to explain them. These explanations lead to stories, stories lead to songs and songs become legends. These monsters of legend take on the shape of the fears of the people that tell the stories. The Greco-Romans tell stories of misshaped cannibalistic demigods, the people of northern Europe have sagas of giants that live in the ice and dwarfs that live in the mountains and in the Far East there are tails of club wielding demons and dragons that swim through the air like a fish moves through water. The native cultures of the Americas and the islands of the Pacific also have these monsters that have been formed by fear, but with few gods, creatures of hope and courage took shape to bring balance to the world.


In the realms of games and models, the monsters and spirits of Europe, Egypt, and the growing popularity of Asian Culture has led to these subjects being well covered by several model companies. Paymaster Games is addressing the lack of Native American and Polynesian models on the market place with our Going Native line of models and games, this includes the spirits and monsters of their myths and legends.


About the Project


The Spirit Beasts for the Going Native line of models are gaming miniatures set in the 28mm scale. These models will be cast in either white metal and/or high quality resin (depending on the model) by the brilliant casters at Valiant Enterprises Limited. All of the models will be supplied with a new style plastic base that will be appropriate for the size of the model – 30mm base for small models, 40mm base for medium models and 50mm base for the largest models.


25% Discount off Retail Price


Since many of the models featured in this Kickstarter Campaign already have pre-production models (Greens) and/ or molds, Paymaster Games can offer a fair discount to all of the products we are bringing to this campaign.


Free limited edition Ai Apaec the Decapitator model

At certain pledge levels, Paymaster Games is offering the mad god of the Moche people, Ai Apaec the Decapitator, as a free Kickstarter Exclusive model to certain pledge levels. Ai Apaec is a large sized model and is currently being sculpted by the talented Leandro Ventic. Since the pledge levels with the free Ai Apaec will be limited, we will offer the Decapitator as an add-on once the campaign reaches $8,000.



The Models


The following models will be offered as part of this Kickstarter Campaign. The prices are listed next to the model or kit.


Small Models –

Deer Woman - $5

Nagual - $5

Monster Hunter - $5


Medium Models –

Ahuizotl Otter - $10

Mo’o, Guardian Gecko - $10

Malku Condor Spirit - $15

Capelobo - $10


Large Models –

Uktena the Great Horned Serpent - $25

Ahklut the Orca Wolf - $20

Sasquatch - $20

Piasa Bird - $35


Since there are a number of monsters in this campaign, I think it would be more than fair to offer a Dungeon crawl team made up on some of the models in the Going Native line. All of these models together would normally retail for $38, for this Campaign this Dungeon Crawl team will cost $30. Here is your team. –

Tank – Tlacateccatl, Aztec War chief – Paladin

DPS – Nagual – Spell Caster

DPS – Monster Hunter – Hunter/ranger

A yet to be announced hunter pet.

DPS – Nacom, Mayan War chief - Warrior

Heal – Kallawaya Doctor – Priest

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Top Posters In This Topic

This creator has made some very nice and unusual figures and monsters based on Native Anerican and Pacific mythologies. I have some minis by this creator and have been pleased with them and their quality.

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The concept art is beautiful and what I've seen of the sculpts is very well done.    It's good to hear from Pingo (And anyone else who has some of their figures in hand), that's always a reassuring thing.     


The previous kickstarter has some of the greens and sculpts shown on its page, if you look there.     Are the figures from the first, successful, kickstarter up for sale anywhere?  I've done a little looking and haven't stumbled across them yet.    I may not be able to back this one, or not enough to get everything I want, so I'm curious as to post KS options.   Not sure if asking that is out of line regarding commerce, if so please disregard.

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The concept art is beautiful and what I've seen of the sculpts is very well done.    It's good to hear from Pingo (And anyone else who has some of their figures in hand), that's always a reassuring thing.


 Are the figures from the first, successful, kickstarter up for sale anywhere?  I've done a little looking and haven't stumbled across them yet.    I may not be able to back this one, or not enough to get everything I want, so I'm curious as to post KS options.   Not sure if asking that is out of line regarding commerce, if so please disregard.

I agree; I'd be interested in knowing if the earlier sculpts are available, too.


And, no asking is ok, you just can't post links. Giving the company name, or enough info to make a google search work is ok, however.

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Do to a problem with the company I was working with at the time the first KS campaign I was unable to put out any of the models. One of my goals with the second KS was to buy back my molds and stock. We fell short. I am hoping to get my products back under my control this year and get them market ready as soon as I can. Packaging takes time and money, but it will happen.


The models in this upcoming KS belong to me and so do the molds. So this one will be different and should be market ready as quickly as I can.

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