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Going Native: New World Monsters

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I switched to onedrive as I could never get dropbox to work here as the public folder only exists if you created your dropbox account during a certain time period I think.

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Small Models


Menehune Unit of 6 models






Vision Serpent One model






Flying Head 2 model kit






Tlahuelpuchi, Aztec Vampire one model






Kalku and Servents Unit of 6 (1 Kalku, 1 Chonchon, and 4 Achimayen (undead children)





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Medium Models


Ewah One model Kit






El Lobizon model kit






Basket Woman model kit (may also include a small fleeing child)






Amarok Pack unit of three models






Crystal Skull Engine one model kit






Pua Tu Tahi, the Monstrous Clam one model kit






Mishibizhiw, the Underwater Panther one model kit






Were Shark one model kit (come with two different heads)






Xiuhcoatl the Fire Serpent one model kit



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Skin Walker 2 model kit (human and beast forms)








Tamangori One model kit








Large Models


American Lake Monster (Ogopogo) One Model kit






Ai Apaec, The Decapitator One model kit






Piasa Bird one model kit



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OK that is all of the models that I have designs for. Please remember that the campaign will start with the Paisa offered for purchase from the start, and Ai Apaec the Decapitator will be offered as a free KS excusive model at the start of campaign. So what three model kits you would like to see as the first stretch goals?

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Top 3 models for stretch goals:


1. Uktena

2. Skin Walker, I like both forms, great for a barbarian shaman.

3. Ai Apaec


Honourble mention; Underwater Panther, Crystal Skull. Not to say the others are bad, just these are great.

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I love Paisa and Ai Apaec. I think they should make strong starters.


Oh no. I have to pick?!


1. Basket Woman (Unique, looks like fun to paint)

2. Skin Walker (Versatile. Wonderful when you need a skin walker, but can work as a druid and werewolf when you don't.)

3. Pua Tu Tahi, the Monstrous Clam (Unique, fun looking, I want to run an underwater campaign at some point.)

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These are all such awesome concepts, I want to see them all! My favorites are the snakes...the Vision Serpent, Horned Serpent and Fire Serpent...but that would make for a less than diverse opening salvo.


I'd say...Vision Serpent, Crystal Skull Engine and Ai Apaec.


(these three also cover all my bases for the Eberron Xendrik campaign I'm putting together...Yuan-ti, ancient warforged/golem, and drider)


I really hope this funds well so you can get all your pieces back. This is a really lovely line!

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