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Going Native: New World Monsters

Paymaster Games

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Some of the possible future monsters minis might be hard to do but all sound like great fun.  Three that stand out to me as great fun for games in and out of their original culture are....   



Very hard to do a great mini for, but it would be interesting (Achiyalatopa â€“ a divine flightless bird with flint knives as feathers)


So many ways to do it (Cherufe â€“ A large lizard like monster that lives in volcanos and lava flows) Might work best as a lava/magma monster in  lizard shape with deap cracks that could be painted like hot lava was inside, sorta like the balrog in lord of the rings movie.


Very creepy and one of my favorites (Kalku and Servants â€“ A dark shaman that commands dark spirits. Achimayen are undead children that the Kalku uses as a weapon and Chonchon is a vampiric flying head)

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