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Going Native: New World Monsters

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I'm loving the concept art and the greens.  These are some unique and original ideas that have not already been done 100's of times and I'm rather excited about this KS.  Its been a while since I pledged a new KS but I think this one will cut heavily into my hobby budgett when it runs!

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Xiuhcoatl the Fire Serpent, but only if the scale/feathers were completely knocked out of the park. I'm wicked picky on that, can count on one hand the feathers or scales I've liked on minis (mostly Roberto Chaudon's work)


Ai Apaec, The Decapitator

Basket Woman


Again, for both of those I'd have to see amazing sculpts. After a few years of buying up top end boutique stuff I'm getting all snobby these days...I love the concepts, though.


Honorable mention to the surfers, they just look awesome and I'd also probably back just for them.

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1- Basket Woman, hopefully with some escaping children? Please?

2- Flying Head

3- Menehune


Honorable mention- Kalku and servants, mostly for the zombie children.



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OK that is all of the models that I have designs for. Please remember that the campaign will start with the Paisa offered for purchase from the start, and Ai Apaec the Decapitator will be offered as a free KS excusive model at the start of campaign. So what three model kits you would like to see as the first stretch goals?


Top 3 for me to see as the first stretch goals:

1) Vision Serpent

2) Ewah

3) Tamangori


Honorable mention:

1) El Lobizon

2) Skin Walker models


Love that Ai Apaec and that it's offered as a free exclusive!

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Ewah, El Lobozon, and the fire serpent!


Sigh, I thought I was safe for a while. These are special, and really nice. I hope you succeed!

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I've been following your concept from your first attempts and think that you have great ideas.


I love the creatures and look forward supporting this project when it goes live.

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