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Bones used for D&D/Roleplaying

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I've been using pre-painted miniatures for my pathfinder game. I decided I'd like to make my consumption a little more creative by painting the figures myself, which is why I backed Bones II. Also, I didn't even know bones existed until a video game friend posted about the kickstarter on facebook. Seemed like a better way to collect miniatures to get more fun out of them!

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I got into minis because of roleplaying. Nowadays, I paint more than I game. I prefer metal, but the Reaper peeps are enough of a bear about quality control that I find their plastics worthy.


And it's hard to hate the prices.

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Well. Truth be told, D&D was what they were for. Now I have been finding more uses.

For some reason people who are completely uninterested in table top still seem to like what I paint as a gift.

I can't explain this phenomena. I haven't made things people were happy with for gifts before.

*cue flashback of someone spitting cookie chunks everywhere*

Also, I guess I'll be using some of the Chronoscope ones for unhallowed metropolis this year.

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Truth is, I'm not crazy about Wizards' latest. I WANT to like their plastic prepaints. 

The first of their prepaints, I thought, "Dang, those sculpts [are inferior to other manufacturers' products at comparable prices].


But they got better, as more and more sets came out. You'd still get individual figures that weren't great, but the whole line was, as a rule, at least acceptable. And some of their later and larger pieces were quite good. So naturally, they suddenly stopped supporting the skirmish game and quit making the figures.

Now the prepaints are back... with new sculpts... that look largely like renders that went straight to a 3-D printer without ever touching human hands. [i'm not real impressed.]

I still prefer metal, but I'd rather have Bones than the new Wizards sculpts.

Edited by Dr.Bedlam to avoid being exiled to Beekeepers or worse.

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