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CAV: SO Friday Feature [1/23/2015]


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Welcome to the CAV: SO Friday Feature for 23 January, 2015!


Updated the link to the CAV: SO Construction Program with the latest version. This is the final version in regards to any last minute rules tweaks we made before the book went to the printer. I will be updating the existing cards (from earlier Friday Features) with these versions. The main thing to note is the removal of SA: Bulky from Extra-Large Chassis CAV models. Here is a link to it as well:



Reaper Con 2015 is coming up quick and here are the events we will officially be sponsoring. We hope to see you there!


ReaperCon 2015 CAV: Strike Operations Events




CAV: SO Basic Training

System: Denebola

Planet: Hellspire (Denebola II)

Status: United Terran Federation


Join us as we return to the planet Hellspire along the Terran-Rach border, dropping new recruits into the “fire†as they learn to pilot a CAV for the first time outside the simulators. Drill instructors will be available throughout the show to teach pilots the basic skills required for playing CAV: Strike Operations.


EVENT INFORMATION: No experience required. This event is designed to teach new players the basics in CAV: Strike Operations lasting approximately one-hour for one or more players. All materials provided. Certificates for completing training and prizes will be provided for participants.



April 30 12:00-18:00

May 1 12:00-18:00

May 2 10:00-18:00

May 3 NA




CAV: SO Assault on New Memphis

System: Algorab

Planet: New Memphis (Algorab III)

Status: Independent


ARMICO, a Terran mining company, has struggled to maintain a delicate balance on the desert world of New Memphis with keeping its many mines on the world running at top efficiency and dealing with the religious “cult†that has swept up the majority of the planet’s residents over the last twenty years and now controls the planet’s government.

The Director of Operations for ARMICO on New Memphis, Amin Maalouf, has been ordered by self-proclaimed “Pharaoh†Atenmest I, to request all of the corporation’s on-planet security forces to return to barracks over the next two days (local time). The 1st Anubis Guards, part of New Memphis’s self-defense force, has begun to move units around the corporation’s holdings claiming previously announced security drills. Tensions are high as Maalouf awaits orders from corporate on how to proceed.


EVENT INFORMATION: Using the CAV: Strike Operations rules, this is an advanced four-hour event for 2-8 players with some experience in playing and will feature multiple models for a player to operate. All materials provided. Prizes provided for all participants.



April 30 18:00-22:00

May 1 13:00-17:00 18:00-22:00

May 2 13:00-17:00 18:00-22:00

May 3 NA

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Ooh, stats on the Templar Crusader in the new CAV CP! 4 Light PBGs, advanced targeting computer 2, Assault 3, fire-proof 1, rugged, shielded and a wizzo on a balanced DT8 attack chassis.


Edit: Bother. Attack chassis. I was hoping to use it as a recon in place of the Razors I've got at the moment. The Spartan doesn't grab me in the same way that the Crusader did. Any news on recon or fire support units for the Templars?

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To be clear, I wasn't trying to doom and gloom, just noting that one of the recon options I'd expected I have seemed unavailable. My assumption was that this meant there were _other_ recon options for the Templars coming down the pipeline, possibly brand new and exciting ones that we've never seen before, like the Razor.

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How are we coming along on the updated unit cards?

-- All cards are updated with their final version as set by the final version of the rule-book. We have removed data not relevant to actually playing a game from this version of the card, the bulky SA from those models that no longer have it, and a few other tweaks. You may need to refresh your browser to get the latest card.

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