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CAV: SO Friday Feature [1/23/2015]

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Welcome to the CAV: SO Friday Feature for 23 January, 2015!


Updated the link to the CAV: SO Construction Program with the latest version. This is the final version in regards to any last minute rules tweaks we made before the book went to the printer. I will be updating the existing cards (from earlier Friday Features) with these versions. The main thing to note is the removal of SA: Bulky from Extra-Large Chassis CAV models. Here is a link to it as well:



Reaper Con 2015 is coming up quick and here are the events we will officially be sponsoring. We hope to see you there!


ReaperCon 2015 CAV: Strike Operations Events




CAV: SO Basic Training

System: Denebola

Planet: Hellspire (Denebola II)

Status: United Terran Federation


Join us as we return to the planet Hellspire along the Terran-Rach border, dropping new recruits into the “fire†as they learn to pilot a CAV for the first time outside the simulators. Drill instructors will be available throughout the show to teach pilots the basic skills required for playing CAV: Strike Operations.


EVENT INFORMATION: No experience required. This event is designed to teach new players the basics in CAV: Strike Operations lasting approximately one-hour for one or more players. All materials provided. Certificates for completing training and prizes will be provided for participants.



April 30 12:00-18:00

May 1 12:00-18:00

May 2 10:00-18:00

May 3 NA




CAV: SO Assault on New Memphis

System: Algorab

Planet: New Memphis (Algorab III)

Status: Independent


ARMICO, a Terran mining company, has struggled to maintain a delicate balance on the desert world of New Memphis with keeping its many mines on the world running at top efficiency and dealing with the religious “cult†that has swept up the majority of the planet’s residents over the last twenty years and now controls the planet’s government.

The Director of Operations for ARMICO on New Memphis, Amin Maalouf, has been ordered by self-proclaimed “Pharaoh†Atenmest I, to request all of the corporation’s on-planet security forces to return to barracks over the next two days (local time). The 1st Anubis Guards, part of New Memphis’s self-defense force, has begun to move units around the corporation’s holdings claiming previously announced security drills. Tensions are high as Maalouf awaits orders from corporate on how to proceed.


EVENT INFORMATION: Using the CAV: Strike Operations rules, this is an advanced four-hour event for 2-8 players with some experience in playing and will feature multiple models for a player to operate. All materials provided. Prizes provided for all participants.



April 30 18:00-22:00

May 1 13:00-17:00 18:00-22:00

May 2 13:00-17:00 18:00-22:00

May 3 NA

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Ooh, stats on the Templar Crusader in the new CAV CP! 4 Light PBGs, advanced targeting computer 2, Assault 3, fire-proof 1, rugged, shielded and a wizzo on a balanced DT8 attack chassis.


Edit: Bother. Attack chassis. I was hoping to use it as a recon in place of the Razors I've got at the moment. The Spartan doesn't grab me in the same way that the Crusader did. Any news on recon or fire support units for the Templars?

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To be clear, I wasn't trying to doom and gloom, just noting that one of the recon options I'd expected I have seemed unavailable. My assumption was that this meant there were _other_ recon options for the Templars coming down the pipeline, possibly brand new and exciting ones that we've never seen before, like the Razor.

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How are we coming along on the updated unit cards?

-- All cards are updated with their final version as set by the final version of the rule-book. We have removed data not relevant to actually playing a game from this version of the card, the bulky SA from those models that no longer have it, and a few other tweaks. You may need to refresh your browser to get the latest card.

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    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      Hi everyone!
      It's been a while since I have posted something, but here we go!
      I have decided to take a break from my terrans and try something new.  There were several new techniques I had been wanting to try, including camouflage, washes, and edging.  I also wanted more practice with OSL and jeweling now that I had purchased some Matte medium. I had been going back and forth about how I wanted to paint my ritterlich force, when I came across this wonderfully painted starship fleet over at triple zero painting:
      I was blown away by this paint scheme and had wanted to do some camo for awhile, but nothing I had seen so far in the CAV realm really stuck with me.  This was my answer!
      I started out by airbrushing my force with Reaper Breonne Blue.  I let it dry and applied the sticky tack as explained in the article, then airbrushed with Ashen Blue.  Note: If you do this, you need to be very careful to make sure the sticky tack is flush against the model, or the top color will bleed underneath.  I had to do a lot of cleaning up, but this is how it turned out:

      To get the crevasses nice and dark, I applied a wash of 1:1 navy blue/black, with some water and matte medium to thin it out.  This was my first time applying a wash and I think it came out pretty well (though the photo is crap)

      Next came the highlighting.  I don't have a photo of just this phase for the cougar, but here are some Tiamat legs which were my test piece:

      Highlights were achieved by mixing each blue with Reaper Misty Grey in a 1:1 ratio, with some matte medium to thin it out once again (that stuff is fantastic!)
      I realized almost immediately that I had made a terrible mistake in terms of time commitment... there were so many edges.
      However, I think the final product came out pretty darn cool.  I am really proud of this one!

      C and C welcome!  I would like to go over the jewling one more time, and if anyone has any recommendations for a good spray matte sealer I am all ears.  Going forward I will be doing these in a more assembly line fashion than one at a time, but  I needed a test piece first :)
    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      Hey everyone!
      Newbie here.  I got the CAV kickstarter box a few weeks ago and have been really itching to paint something with hard lines for once (old 40k tyranid player).  I decided to start with the terrans because I bought planes, tanks, and CAVs from them so it would give me a nice wide range to get comfy with.
      I decided on a theme similar to that of the imperial fists from Warhammer 40k- yellow with red accents.  As I went on, however, the scheme changed more and more until it became a much more rugged desert theme.  Take a look:

      I didn't choose a very time-efficient painting method (will change that when I paint the Rach), but it does look nice.  I only use regular old craft paint, except for the inks which are GW.  The steps for those interested:
      1) Mix a 3:2 mix of butternut and nutmeg brown to create the base color, which I call "UTF khaki".
      2) After cleaning with soap and water, airbrush everything in a white undercoat (old habits).
      3) Airbrush with UTF khaki.  The badger intro airgun is worth it's weight in gold for the priming alone.
      4) Ink everything up with GW's Reikland fleshshade.  It's a nice red color and give the yellow some depth.
      5) drybrush with UTF khaki to get the midtones back
      6) drybrush with 1:1 UTF khaki : white to get the highlights 
      1) Paint sections with burgundy.  I realized too late that this burgundy was a "cool red" and didn't sit well on its own with the khaki so I had to change up the highlighting.
      2) Highlight by edging with a 1 : 1 : 1 mix of burgundy, white, and burnt orange.  This makes things a bit warmer and sits better with the khaki.
      3) Paint the star freehand.  This is the 52nd terran legion and I decided to make their symbol a simple white star.
      1) Start dark, drybrush lighter.
      This is my first attempt at object source lighting (OSL).  I was inspired by the NOD-like Rach force paint scheme of Skrill.  Take a look at his awesome work:
      So I decided to go for a bright white light which actually comes off as a light blue.  Multiple light watered down coats.  It is not perfect but it is close enough for tabletop quality and I am excited to get better at it.
      C & C welcome!  Lots more will be coming in the weeks going ahead.
    • By Slashhamster
      Here are two CAV Dictators I finished painting up, in honor of the CAV Kickstarter fulfillment completing (...never mind I've had these since the early Ace level shipping....)
      I figured a pair of Dictators would be a good starting point since that's what the quick start rules calls for, and the Dictator is easily one of my favorite CAV models. 


      I have a real hard time photographing orange/red like this.  For some reason, my camera tends to blow the color out too much.  Oh well, you'll have to believe me the shadows/lining are a bit more pronounced in person.

      Hope you like them!
    • By CAVBOSS
      Welcome the Friday Feature for 27 February, 2015!
      We have been working on the website (www.cavhq.com) and I had hoped it would be further along today as we have a LOT of new Data Cards (everything from the KS plus a couple of more) to put up. Alas that has not happened so I'm going to start loading a few and keep adding to the thread throughout the weekend until they are all up.
      Updated Construction Program: CAVCPv1537.zip
      This build includes Data Cards for all of the models featured in the CAV:SO Kickstarter!
      NEW CAV: Strike Operations Data Cards!




    • By CAVBOSS
      Welcome the Friday Feature for 20 February, 2015!
      First up, the CAV: Strike Operations Quick-Start Rules!

      The CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules feature optimized rules to help you learn the basic concepts involved while playing your first game. Centered around the Dictator CAV, players will each play one of the feared Rach Empire machines as they pilot it into combat! Model cut-outs and data cards are included for play.
      High-Res Version (19 MB) (for printing): CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules PDF
      Low-Res Version (15 MB) (for viewing): CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules PDF
      We also have the Marker/Counter Cards now available:

      CAV: SO Markers/Counters PDF
      Mission/Scenario Cards. Designed for players to have a quick way to pick random scenarios to play as well as blank ones for your own designs!

      CAV: SO Mission/Scenario Cards PDF
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