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Has anyone used Freak Flex transparent tints?


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I'm just wondering because my FLGS has a couple of sets of transparent tints. A 12 color set and a 16 color set. I thought they were badger originally, but apparently they are not.

I realize they'd probably be designed for airbrush, but I'm wondering how they'd be used as brush on with medium, for example.

Might they function like inks or reaper clears?


I'd also like to know from anyone who's used them how they feel about the results, and please post links/pics if you have any.


Thank you.



This is what I'm talking about.

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That was the person's perspective, but there's nothing on the site that says not to (there's not much info at all). I think the issue is the thinness and the lack of coverage. But if you take that into account (either by using it on top of something just to change the color, or adding a medium to thicken it) I don't see why it couldn't be used. It was 30$ for the 12 bottle set, 40+ for the 16 bottle set. So standard paint pricing.

I've seen people claim that these are the same as the badger minitaire line, also for airbrush, but those can be brushed on if you consider the limitations. I'm assuming there is no link with badger, though, because looking at links on the freak flex site they have stuff for 2 specific airbrush manufacturers.


edi2 I bought the set, so I guess I'll let people know




looks like I was wrong about the badger link




Badger Air-Brush Co.
9128 W. Belmont Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131
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Well if they are like the Badger ghost tints they Can produce some startling effects. I've done some of my 40k eldar ships with the blue and some dragon wings on my shelf of shame. I've also started playing with them as tints for eyes. One thing to note though, the ghost tints are full gloss. For me at least if I do any highlighting or shading after the ghost tint I need to put a layer of matte or dullcote down or I just can't work with it.


That could just be me though, I have a hard time dealing with glossy paints :)

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