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CAV Bones: Halberd repose and Ritterlich + Malvernis task force


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Here is a quick shot of some CAV Halberd I reposed.
I like the regular standing straight pose, but I wanted to vary it a bit in my force.
So i made one walking with laser extended, and one with a more open stance like taken mid-pivot. The third one is just a minor facing adjustment of the weapons.

I'm using the same paint scheme as my Ritterlich force as I will be integrating them into it (which now has to become Merc).


And here is a shot of the fully painted Ritterlich + Halberd force (there is 1 outlier Halberd in Camo which was a test scheme... I'm just not sure if I should repaint it).


And here is the opposite Malvernis force:



I'm pretty much done with painting the EB reward from the CAV SO Kickstarter.
There is only the Rach Dictators left to paint, but I haven't figured out a paint scheme yet.

So I'm taking a break from Big Stompy Robots for now as I have some fantasy projects in mind...


C&C welcome

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