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Painting Excuses: You're such a character: Challenge Entry Thread


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Challenge Category: Source Lighting


Listed below are several different types of source lighting as well as links to James Gurney's blog giving a breif summery of the lighting type. The light source can be on stage (meaning on the figure or base) or off stage.

Rules for the Challenge
  • Choose one lighting type from the list above.
  • When submitting a miniature please list the type of lighting you've painted.
Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 100 points. The judges will look at the following when deciding:
  • Quality\Believablility Of the Lighting -- 50 points
  • Painting Skill -- 25 points
  • Overall Presentation of the miniature (basing, colors used, and so on) -- 25 pts
Prizes for the Challenge
  • 1st--$50 reaper online gift card
  • 2nd--$25 reaper online gift card
  • 3rd--$15 reaper online gift card
  • Drawing -- $15 reaper online gift card
Link to discussion thread and generic rules.
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Top Posters In This Topic

Because this category has less entries, it is lonely and must be comforted.  Give it a big hug.

Or add something to it!  I'll throw in Willow Greenivy, done with underlighting.


It does not have to be judged.  I just wanted to post her because she's just a completely adorable sculpt.  And I was proud of the lighting!  Please pardon me while I continue through my limited palette phase...

carry on!

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