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77167: Ingrid, Female Gnome

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Lovely work miss and glad to see you pushing the toolset!


I'd love to see the gloss on her lip go from white to a yellow-green color and also see the OSL light bleed down the inside of her glove en route to her bicep as my eyes feel like that's missing. 

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I'm hoping to paint her up in similar fashion, myself. If I make it to Reapercon, she's my planned Painters' entry. Yours is inspiring; as ever, I love the way you paint.


Are you familiar with the artist Chris Moeller? There is an element of "suggestion" (not to be confused with "suggestiveness," which has a somewhat more salacious connotation) that your and his works share. As I admire his work quite a bit, I mean that in a very good way. If I'm not making sense, I apologize.

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Thank you!


Oo ! This face ! Excellent !

It's a Bones mini ? Oo



Yes it is, thanks. I'm going to add that to the tags.


I give up.

I "liked" your post, but don't you dare.

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