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First time painting a miniature, Karahl Farstep, Wizard

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Excellent entry into the mini painting hobby!!


Keep it up!!

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Killer first piece.  My first one looked like I painted it with a crayon.  Excellent base work, looks really natural.  Just a suggestion for life of the mini, toss on one more coat of varnish on all the big angles and edges to help keep them protected from handling, especially if you use him, which it sounds like you will be.  Just keep painting a fig when you need and you'll have a closet full before you know it.  On another note, there are a lot of techniques in this field using inks and oils as well.  Just look around craft corner and you'll find what you need.

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It really is an outstanding first miniature.


I'm sort of curious. What di you mean by "oil wash" technique? Are you using mixed media?


(I have a pretty extensive art background and am always interested in that sort of stuff.)


Once I had my miniature painted to where I felt satisfied, I went through with a wash of Winsor & Newton Ivory Black oil paint. I mixed it down heavily with odorless mineral spirits and washed it over the whole miniature. I saw a guy do it in a tutorial video on youtube and liked the way it worked so I figured i'd try it out. You can also pull off some of the oil paint if its to heavy in some spots by just using a q-tip and mineral spirits.

I do have to state that before using the wash I sprayed a gloss varnish over the mini to "create a smooth surface for the wash to run over". <-- paraphrasing the youtube video

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