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Official: Special Guests and Instructors for ReaperCon 2015

Reaper Ron

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and if she's at the artist table, we won't be able to pick her up and carry her, chair and all, to the front to get her awards....


You show too little ambition.


It's not like the other artists would stop us.


Heck, some of them would help out. ::D:


Is that Chris Lewis the Battletech artist? Cus if so I have a lot of drawings from when I was younger that I can horrify him with.


Now I'm going to be spending the next few days flipping through my TRO's.


Yes he is. He is also a digital sculptor. (Not sure if he does "conventional" sculpting with greens or not)


I don't know your art, but I encourage you to go meet him at the con.


Now that you mention it, I might bring along TRO: Project Phoenix for him to sign.


Shannon's gallery is at http://www.queenpenguin.com/gallery.html She goes by queenpenguin on the forums, although she does not post often.


Noel's Coffee Spirits can be found at the very bottom of this page:



I remember the coffee spirits from RCon 2013. They were awesome!


(Edited to correct date)

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