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January 30 Update Discussion


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I am locked in. Wave 2 'cause I was being mellow that morning.


I am pretty bummed I am locked in. I  only picked up a tiny handful of models, and now I have the cash and craving for the base pledge and no way to get it. :down:

I made a poor choice at the time of the KS and lost all of my monies and minis ::(:


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Ok another waiting update, I'm good. lots of painting left to do.   


Locked- oh rights that's what I ordered... 

I was satisfied with my choices, restrained by my apartments lack of display/storage space.  I felt I had made the best possible choice. 

only 3 extra dragons, no megaminis - but 


I close on a house at the end of February. It has lots of room, and will have a permanent painting station. 

how much is a retail DDS2  ... oh dear. 

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Oh, and I'm dead serious.  I want EVERYONE to verify that they actually locked in.  Seriously. If you think you are locked in, Go Verify. If you aren't locked in, you NEED TO LOCK IN as soon as possible.


The number of not-yet-locked-in-pledges is a bit high. I'm far less worried about the amount that this will change the orders by, than I am about the Angry e-mails we will get when fulfillment begins and we skip Backer X because they weren't locked in. 


I'm not kidding, even a little.  When Bones I fulfillment ended we had just over 100 backers who had never locked in, and I kid you not every single one of them fired off an angry e-mail that we were cheating them or scamming or something.

Yes ReaperBryan Sir! Right away ReaperBryan Sir!






Locked in and ready for action ReaperBryan Sir!

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