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This crocodile hopes to chomp some tasty, tasty PCs soon. I'm fairly satisfied with her for the time I put in.








She's about 3 11/16" long and 1 1/16" wide. The tail and upper jaw are separate pieces and don't quite fit right, so I used some Apoxy to fill in gaps.

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Minor nitpick: The one thing that's kind of bugging me, though, is the fact that the bottom front tooth has blood on the front but apparently not the back of it...


Whoops. Guess I got sloppy when I saw the finish like. Now that bugs me too. 



Give it a base..She looks wonderful.

Well done with the colours.


I'd like to see her based, something swampy or water featured.

I'm just starting to get look into basing. When I get around to gathering supplies and get some practice in, I'll totally try and remember to give her one and update this thread.



That looks awesome!


How long is it (if you put a ruler under it and measured in a straight line from the tip of the bottom jaw to the tip of the tail)?




She's about 3 11/16" long and 1 1/16" wide. Definitely looks like she could eat a standard human mini no problem.

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