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Kickstarter wave 2 model stats

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Now that we're able to unlock our pledge to add more items, can we see the stats for the rest of the KS models? I want to add some models to round out my force. There are a few models that I have to get just for cool factor (OMG Emperor!) but it would help to build a force if I knew what they were all good at and their cost.

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Okay quick update:  


I just need to get some specifics from CAVBOSS on the KS minis and infantry in general and I'll start cranking out sample lists for each faction and a few pirate/merc examples.  I can easily do text-based lists as I get them done.  The graphics will take a little more time but I will release a PDF collection with all of them once I have the time to create it (end of this next week).


The good news here is we have tons of time before we have to relock our pledges.  I too am personally invested in this (any excuse to buy more Starhawks!) so I will get this done as soon as I am able.  Hang in there, I won't let you guys down!  ::D:

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I've got the info I need and I am cranking away while I have time.  Work is balls-to-the-wall atm but I get what I can done on breaks and such.  If anything I'll have a few things for you guys late this week.


A few more questions popped up so I sent them along.  While I had a few minutes I took the List Of Doom (MODELLIST.pdf), reorganized, simplified, and hyperlinked the holy smokes out of it.  If it gets the okay from the boss I'll put it for everybody.  I am also going to start a new dedicated thread to army/squad creation.  That should be up and running by the end of the week, no problem.

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