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Can you suggest a good mini for a n00b painter?


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 Stay away from anything sculpted by Klocke. (not because we don't respect his awesome work, but because his figures are very hard to paint.)

Although, he's not a Reaper guy. I find Tom Meier stuff from Thunderbolt Mountain extremely hard to paint.

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I am currently doing LTP Bones, but i don't think the instructions are as good as LTP1 which i completed about six months ago.  I would love to be able to PURCHASE the instructions for the other three LTP kits and then PURCHASE the minis at full price just to be able to go through the step by step tutorials.  THis would not be the great deal that LTP is, but would still get me access to good instructions.


Currently there is a really old LTP on eBay:




The paint is probably worthless, but if someone hasn't done it the instructions are worth the price of admission

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Hello.  I'm new to painting and have no artistic background.  I've been watching videos and reading tips and tricks.  I'm ready to embark on my first painting expedition! 


Some minis look far more intricate than others.  Can you suggest a few specific models that might be "easier" for a beginner to paint?


Thank you!


Look for a pack of wolves, or anything with fur, or a figure wearing lots of chainmail. Learn how to spray primer black (or use black artist's gesso) and then learn how to drybrush. Drybrushing metallic silver is pretty forgiving, so there's that. If you pick up some skeletons, you can just drybrush the bones as well.


If you play D&D, stick to Dark Heaven, if you want to get into Reaper's Warlord game, try that. If you're into sci-fi or moderns, Chronoscope has you covered.


Also, the Bones models are cheap enough you could buy several blisters for nothing, and either get a ton of skeleton men, or some various PCs.




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