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2015 Spring Exchange - Chatter thread


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I feel the pain! I got totally distracted by work and the construction of a Japanese Toolbox I'm using to transport a diorama in this week. I'm planning on working on the base for the rest of the weekend. I'll make the deadline for sure, but I'm not sure if I'll get anything additional done for ReaperCon in time... We'll see!  ^_^


I've loved seeing what everyone else is getting done though! Those are some awesome minis & dioramas!

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  Love the custom work on the mini and the base.  There are a lot of little details to be seen.  Did you create the cloak on the knights shoulders?  It is done so well I can't tell if you added it or not.  The Unicorn head is a stroke of genius and yes I did laugh out loud when I unboxed him.    I love the detail you put into the base.. the stones, river and small tufts of grass are perfect.  The discarded sword behind him and the hilt under his feet were great as well.


He is now on my Display Shelf for all to see!


The below is all of the things Traxia added.  I really needed the Blue crystal file as I have just used up my sanding needles.  Perfect timing!


Thanks Traxia!

No problem Robin!

You said "twisted".... and when I went through the Reaper Store, I came across Sir Richard, and thought with the right paint job, he would suit.

He's an awesome sculpt, really fun to paint, I didn't add the cloak - came with. The hilt of the sword was part of his uni-base, and so added the sword blade, rusted up, behind him to suit the base look.

I think you managed to take better pics than I did!

Glad you liked him and that the lil extras came in handy. I do like the crystal file for some areas of the bones, and it lasts longer than the plastic flexi ones.

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I'm a bit slow to report that I received my minis from my exchange partner, EbonStorms. The Peryton is great! Love the coloring on it! I had a challenge trying to get a good picture of the kobolds, not sure if my lighting wasn't correct or what. I was experimenting with my new light box and lighting. Regardless. The kobolds are great and will be put to use! Thanks so much!




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Mine will be right to the wire as well, although painting is going well.

My trip to the garage to cut bases instead resulted in the whole family spending a few hours shoveling snow off the lower roof of the garage, which has reduced the water leaking into the side rooms significantly.

Base will wait until another day.


Spring will come, someday....

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