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2015 Spring Exchange - Chatter thread


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I have discovered why my package was delivered to me instead of my intended partner. At the warehouse, several packages came back and I inquired with the postal worker as to why the packages came back. The machine they use needs to be able to see both of the following on one side of the box:






So, if you post half on one side of the box and half on an adjacent side, the machine will copy and paste the "SHIP FROM" into the "SHIP TO". -___-

Sometimes the postal workers can catch that, but sometimes they cannot. T__T

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I received my exchange mini from Pcktlnt today  ^_^ I asked for a monster, and he sent me a good one!


He also sent me some... add-ons  :huh:




The mouslings are from the melt bin at ReaperCon. Mr. Wizard there is evidently not smoking tobacco, because he keeps falling over :lol:




Here's a special paint poker he made for me  ^_^


And close-ups of the worm:



Beautiful purple on this guy!  :wub:  Did you know purple is my favorite colour?



Oh noes! Poor purple worm!  ::o: The mousling hordes are going to gets him!  :wacko:

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I received this bear and rider from tiniest rhombus. ::D:


Asked for a winter scene and boy did I got one! I am really happy with it. Love the basing and the armor on the bear rider. Really well done!




I was in such a rush to take pictures I didn't see that the sword arm has come off. I found it in the box and I could reattach it:





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Wow! That's an awesome piece by TR!!!

Thanks :-D

I know she had problems with that arm, but looks like you got it reattached without too many issues.


To say the least, dang that arm!

Another fun thing that happened was I dropped the thing, and the Bears arm fell off, cause yeah...


I am so happy you like it MiniBart, despite the issues I had with it, I really enjoyed making it for you.

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