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Floating Elf Mage

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I have been working on a project in blender, and could use some criticism. Unfortunately, I haven't converted this to a JPEG, but I will change it out as soon as it is possible. One of the things that is horrible with sculpting in 3d is that the details can become faded or nonexistent when the print is made, but with a 16 micron resolution almost all of the details you see should make it. The head is missing right now, and the arms and hands are just being set up for general shape before I can get into detail work. Some armor doesn't have support behind it if you look closely.



I am sorry if this should have gone in sculpting, if so I would appreciate if a mod would move it.


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I like it! It needs detailing though. Things like fastenings on armor, the loin cloth part doesn't make much sense as to how it is attached, think about functionality, things should look like they could be worn and were meant to taken off and put on. The cloth has nice movement and the pose is very castable.

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Thanks. If you have seen the metal sash that the privateer press housguard thane has, that is going to connect the two things connecting the cloth, if that makes any sense, wrapping over the shoulder and returning to the back around the underarm. The loincloth is going to be connected under the over hang, but how would you suggest I change it to look better, make more sense? Fastenings for the armor will just go in the logical places later on. Does that sound good, or could I do something more interesting with the cloak? Out of curiosity, how would it be cast? I don't think you could do it in a single piece, and I would need to simplify a lot with the cloth.

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Cloth isn't the problem. The problem is the legs. Cut them off at the knees and they could be cast up with the head and arms. 2-3 molds for the whole thing. I would run the mold line around the edge of the back part of the cloth and bury the leg stumps in an under cut, then run it up his sides. The way you explained how the cloth works makes sense you just have to sell it, that is pretty minor too. I think the worst problem is actually the lack of texture on the hands, it should have something to look like gloves or it should be detailed to look like hands, i dunno if thats something you meant to get around to though.

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