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Looking for a mini that can stand in for Guffy.....


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Trying to find a mini for Guffy from We Be Goblin Too!!. I thought I had a good one in the female (yes she is female) Dreg but after seein the mini at the game store on Sunday I think that one will be way to short.


Guffy is a ogrekin. The by-product of a ogre & human "coupling". She is medium or human size.


I thought about looking through the Malifaux line as I've discovered some great goblins in their line (one might make appearance in the WBG games @ ReaperCon)


Anyone know of anything out there? Pretty much my only snag so far in getting minis for both games.




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Well if Guffey gets pregnant and can bring a baby to ReaperCon the DHL Orc and Ogre matrons minis look just like her. I was looking at the ogrekin in the beastiary and they do have a weight problem and both minis have the needed mouth.


03511 and 02520


Guffey has a big jaw, has a great weapon and is wearing chainmail. 03215: Jadeah fits that description.


They are orc sized which is medium like Guffey.

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Oddly enough this thread has spurred memories of the movie Deliverance. Malifaux gobbo's are hillbilly inspired and ride pigs, which led me to think of squealing, thus Ned Beatty and "squeal like a pig", thus Guffey's oversized jaw and "you got a purdy mouf."


So. is that everyone else was thinking... :blink::huh:

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