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Who's making good catfolk minis?

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Crocodile Games has a whole faction in they Wargods of Aegyptus range. (Basti?)


Reaper has a couple.


Other than that I'm not sure.  I want to say there is another war game (100 Armies?) that has lion/tiger men (they have the Imperial Roman gorillas in that line)

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100 Kingdoms by Black Orc has has a whole line.


Alkemy miniatures has some in resin, they are kind of delicate and multipart.


I hear Dark Sword has a few.


Eureka has a couple. 


Soda Pop makes a few, but probably not what you want to game with. :) 

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I have the Alkemy ones. I don't remember them being overly delicate, but mine are plastic. I bought mine years ago when a French company made them. The cards were actually in French, but online had the English versions. I know someone bought them or licensed the rights and made them awhile. Then that game company Curt Shilling and Todd McFarlane started bought them, then they went bankrupt. I'm not sure anyone makes them now, but I see them online all the time. So, with all the changing hands they may have been resin at some point. Mine were gray plastic. But, they are really nice. I only had a few cats, enough to field a band, but had all the toad-orcs that were out when the French company failed. I'm guessing that was maybe four years ago. Fun game though.


These cats are flying carpet, Aladdin themed.


Reaper has Egyptian cats in their Nefsokar faction of Warlord. They are pretty sweet.


I like both of these lines better that the Croc games ones, but they are cool too.

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Thanks, peeps. Good stuff so far. Still digging through all these--it looks like those Hundred Kingdoms Pantheras or whatnot might be the best bet, if I can find them. I saw somewhere that Sandra Garrity did them? As I am a fanboy, figures I'd like them, I guess. But, yeah, got to sort them out.


That ShadowSea one is really cool, and so is one of those Spellcrow ones.


I'm actually looking for a roguish female, though. Gonna sort out the Pantheras, now. Still open to ideas!

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