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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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I would like to have an idea when each wave is starting to ship so...


Please post here when you get a confirmation email that says your Bones has shipped.

  • Do post the wave you are in and the date you received your confirmation
  • Please do not post any personal info (address etc)
  • If you want let us know what goodies you are going to be getting, by all means list them
  • Please only post if you are the one that actually received the confirmation, don't post for others please
I'm so excited!



~ S ~


[MOD]Please read this section if you have any issues with your delivery![/MOD]


General reminder: when emailing Reaper, remember the following information:


[email protected] 


**remember if you email, you need to give enough information to allow us to help you in your email.  with the volume of emails we receive, the more time we have to spend on tracking things down to answer your question because you don't give us the info, the less timely your response will be.  Include your Invoice/order number, shipping address, all associated emails, name of project (aka KS: Bones 2) specific description of the issue and your full name in every email you send us.  It really does matter.


Any email that does not clearly include invoice number, wave number, shipping address and that this is KS Bones 2, gets lower priority in the box. The amount of information you give, impacts the speed at which you can be assisted.

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Added contact info
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EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!! (Well except the fact that the next couple weeks are going to be full of painful waiting...)


Thanks for the previews!


Ok, we need someone local to go to Reaper on Monday morning and blast that song through the warehouse.

Any volunteers?

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