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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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The drive from Salt Lake to Denver via the southern stretch of Wyoming is just as bad as driving through Nevada.  Never done Texas though.


Nah, I've done that drive many times.


Oh, if you stay on I-80, southern WY and central NV are pretty comparable. But Winnemucca to Lakeview is ... very remote.

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As one of said Texans, I can confirm that you can literally start the day in Texas, spend an entire day driving at the speed limit (in a single direction), and still be in Texas at the end of the day. And while I don't consider Denton to be a horrible drive from Houston (4.75 hours, give or take, depending on where you leave from, and how bad traffic is through Houston and Dallas), my Bones ship to me for free. There's no need to blow $40 worth of gas (and a day) to go get them. Later this week is plenty fast enough, especially considering that - while maybe not quite as large as Kris' collection - my collection will not even tick up 1/2 of one percent with the arrival of the new Bones. I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy until they get here. ::):


It's fun to watch the rest of you spaz out though... :lol:



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You're not dissin' the yucca, are you? Tell me you're not dissin' the yucca!




I have an aunt, uncle, and cousin and family in Roswell, NM, so I've driven the road from Roswell to El Paso. It's possible that the stretch from Carlsbad to El Paso is more desolate than the stretch of the Winnemucca to the Sea Highway between Winnemucca, NV and Lakeview, OR. It's a hard choice, though.

Ya'll need to try the Nullabor plain in Western Australia. West TX, NV, NM, UT, and WY are positively teeming with scenery compared to the Nullabor.


After a few hours on the Nullabor, I made my travelling companion stop the car because we saw a tree. I needed to photograph it and take it in to sustain me for the next few hours.

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I know my kids will want to see what's in the giant box daddy got. Thankfully Bones is resilient enough that a 4 year old and 21/2 year old can't hurt them.


Let the 4 year old paint some.  Mine loves it.  She got her first bones minis when I bought some unicorns for her while at the KS II final day party.  Then I let her paint Cthulhu from my KS I stash and then a fire giant female she bought this summer and her latest two were the Fire Dragon (2 weeks ago) and the Great Worm (last night). At this point I think she has painted more of my Bones minis than I have. I even let her start using the MSP paints because they look better on the minis than the poster paints she used for the unicorns.

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I think I'm in the second half the shipping process I locked in my order late. (´・_・`)

If I pretend an estimated 25% of the 2000 backers are non USA backers. Then I can pretend I'm within the first 1500. And with 500 shipped so far, I'm within the 1000 that may receive a shipping notice today. Woohoo.

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I think my mini collection will add about +20% when the shipment comes in.   

But I don't have a great grasp of the # of lead minis I have.  They mostly stay packed up. 

I'm glad I was volunteering today, lots less time to obsess about my order going out.  


(I totally would have) 

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