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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave

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I can not wait until the others are there as well....


Yeah, Imma need a couple of Narthraxes (Narthraxi? Narthraxs?) as gifts, I imagine.



If it had been Narthrex the plural would be Narthrices.


If Narthrinx, Narthringes.


But Narthrexes is suitable. Even sounds like a good, Kingly name all by itself.

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I'm happy with my delivery.

Two minor problems, Chimaera missing additional heads and the whispering Tyrant misses his cape.

I got mail from Reaper, I will get both new.


Now to paint and alienate myself from normal life till they are all done.

Or maybe just paint every now and then and keep a happy relationship.

Decisions decissions...

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Any estimate when Bones 2 will be in the store?

They are being released in batches of approximately fifty (subject to change).



This is both awesome, and wallet-dangerous.  Are they being released in order of numbering, or some other method?  Or can you not say?


We started by releasing everything that was a licensed property - Pathfinder, Numenera, Savage Worlds.  This was 28 of our ~50 for the second phase (Phase I being Dragons Don't Share and Khanjira, which did not require packaging time on our equipment). We filled out the balance with selections from Dark Heaven Bones and Chronoscope Bones which used Jumbo Blisters, and then filled out the balance of figures with numerical sequence.  Bones I releases ended at part number 77196, so you can see from this that we were able to include the first 3 part numbers, 77197-77199, and all others in that category are one of the 3 Jumbo Blister variants, so the numbers appear to jump around.


The Phase II releases of Bones II product are as follows:


Officially Licensed Numenera Bones Miniatures


62109___ Raster $3.99

62110___ Ithsyn $3.79

62111___ Erynth Grask $3.79

62112___ Ravage Bear $3.99


Dark Heaven Legends Bones Miniatures

77197___ Erick, Paladin Initiate  $2.79

77198___ Barrow Rats (2) $4.99

77199___ Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian $2.79

77257___ Chimera $5.49

77278___ Sharkman   $5.29

77279___ Narthrax $19.99

77291___ Kraken  $24.99

77305___ Gelatinous Cube $8.29

77311___ Large Water elemental $7.29

77313___ Krug, Hill Giant $8.99

77315___ Balor Demon $10.29

77323___ Blightfang, Forest Dragon  $19.99

77328___ Cinder, Fire Dragon $19.99

77329___ Silver Dragon $10.99

77361___ Verocithrax, Abyssal Dragon $19.99

77375___ Mashaaf, Great Old One $29.99

77376___ Minotaur Demon Lord $12.99

77395___ Cadirith, Giant Colossal Spider $15.99


Chronoscope Bones Miniatures

80035___ Dumpster  $4.99

80036___ Shipping Container $8.29

80037___ Telephone Box $4.29


Officially Licensed Pathfinder Bones Miniatures

89017___ Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor $2.99

89018___ Sajan, Iconic Monk  $2.99

89019___ Nakayama, Iconic Samurai $2.99

89020___ Harsk, Iconic Dwarf Ranger $2.99

89021___ Mystic Theurge $2.99

89022___ Alahazra, Iconic Oracle $2.99

89023___ Balazar, Iconic Gnome Illusionist $2.99

89024___ Holy Vindicator $2.99

89025___ Alain, Iconic Cavalier $2.99

89026___ Eando Kline $2.99

89027___ Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid $2.49

89028___ Arael, Half Elf Cleric  $2.99

89029___ Hellknight Order o/t Scourge $3.49

89030___ Hellknight Order of the Nail $2.99

89031___ Whispering Tyrant  $3.49

89032___ Anti Paladin  $3.29

89033___ Horned Hunter  $2.99


Officially Licensed Savage Worlds Bones Miniatures

91001___ Stone  $2.99

91002___ Hellstromme  $2.99

91003___ Texas Ranger Male $2.99

91004___ Texas Ranger Female $2.99

91005___ Undead Outlaw $2.99

91006___ Prarie Tick Queen $2.99

91007___ Bone Fiend $2.99

91008___ Desert Thing  $3.99

I would expect Phase III releases to be 50-60 SKUs and cover probably 77200-77250(ish) and 80025-80034(ish).
The actual decisions over which SKUs/models are included is a joint decision between Ron and Matt, and may be wildly different when the decision is finalized than my suggestion above.
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My guess is that they calculated the VAT on the second package for my whole order, seeing that it's 222,62€ (192,62+30) fee for the small box, and 194,12€ (164,12+30) for the big box.


i had that for Bones 1. The order was split up in 2 boxes but both boxes were labeled for the full pledge amount.

Luckily at the time Reaper gave the order a basic Vampire value of $100 instead of the real pledge total.



You're right; both the packages had the same label attached to it, saying they contain 846.23$ .

I told the guy on the phone that they were for 1 invoice, so I hope they keep that into account :(



W00t,got my packages with the correct customs this time! :)

Did take a while for Belgian post to process it, but it's finally done.

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    • By Maledrakh
      Every so often, a model catches my attention. Sometimes because it is excellent and inspiring, sometimes because there is something off about it. Sometimes the model is both.  Here is one such example:

      Yeah, it is the angle of the buckler thats just wrong. It simply should not happen. It triggers my OCD.
      This is the "Gnoll Warrior" from the "Thank You pack" add-on in the second Bones kickstarter. During the kickstarter it was presented as a line concept drawing and as is usually the case, the resulting miniature ends up slightly different. Still a perfectly good representation of the original concept art, but anyhow.
      That said, I do understand that one-piece castability requires certain angles and alignments for the mould to work, and to get the detail in the shield to show it cannot be sideways in the mould. There have been plenty of examples of minis in strange poses and/or holding things at strange angles because of this.
      This Gnoll is also stylistically rather different from the other Gnolls Reaper makes in Bones, perhaps it's just not so comic-like?
      But I ramble.
      The other day as I yet again was perusing the Drawers of Doom™, I picked this one for the painting table. But first it got to meet Mr. Scalpel for a field amputation followed by a quick rotation and graft:
      One drop of superglue later the case of the misaligned buckler was solved.
      Add a base and some paint:

      Good thing classic Bones material is really easy to slice and reposition. Such an excellent material for convertions as well.

      Jagged white parallells of sharp fangs emerged into the campfire light, then a staring yellow eye. Inquisitive, roughly probing clawed fingers followed. Snorting, foul breath enveloped me, causing me to gag.
      It jerked its beast-like head back, loud barks of mocking laughter spraying spittle in my face as I tried to stand my ground.
         "I smell fright, little man", the gnoll rasped out at last. "Why's that parlay-totem here?"
      This mini was finished September 12th 2020.
      77388 Gnoll Warrior
      From the second Bones kickstarter 2013
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      classic white Bones PVC
      40mm base
      available from reapermini.com
    • By Maledrakh
      The last few weeks have been very busy with very little time or inspiration to paint, as the general lack of posts lately will bear full witness to.

      As you might imagine, I was going for green magical flames.  I struggled with this, and it did not turn out as I had envisioned it.
      This one I count as a bit of a failure, and I am not at all satisfied with how it turned out. Maybe I will repaint the whole thing at some point but for now I am rather sick of it.
      At leaast it does look much better IRL on the table than when magnified in photos. Somthing which is a small comfort. The white for "teeth" does not work at all in the pictures and I might just redo that part and leave the rest alone. Or not. The wierd thing is that the white "teeth" are not that bad IRL. But once seen, it cannot be unseen...

      What is this sorcery?! 
      Gah! Even the captions are uninspired. I should probably just go to bed.
      77352 Demi Lich
      Bones 2 Core set, 2013, from the Expansion set #1
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      30mm base.
      available from reapermini.com
    • By Maledrakh
      Your basic normal-sized wolf:

      And Black Panther.

      Alas, the fangs I painstakingly painted in do not show up in the photo.

      Wolf animal companion
      Big cat animal companion
      From the 77216 Animal Companions pack
      Reaper Miniatures, Bones 2 KS 2013 core set
      Unknown Sculptor(s), although the wolf makes me think Julie Guthrie
      Bonesium PVC.
      25x50mm oval 3D printed lipped bases
      available from reapermini.com
    • By BananeDC
      Here is my Kanjira. The pose of the monster made me think it could be a good idea too make it emerge through the Trees. A vision of Knightmare, for sure.







    • By EvilJames
      Also did a quick speed paint of two statues. Not sure were the other column is at the moment, but this one was out while I was painting the angel of death so it got paint too.

      She fit very snuggly into that base. I'm debating whether or not she'll stay in it.



      The pair. Also the angel without the base.
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