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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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I would like to have an idea when each wave is starting to ship so...


~ S ~

Each wave is ~2000 orders. At the rate they went today, Wave 2 should start sometime Wed afternoon. Wave 3 probably by Saturday morning, unless they don't work the weekend, then I'd expect it to be Monday AM.


And it's on the shipping tracker. http://forum.reapermini.com/bones2/

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Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!


You're getting:

2013 Core Set x1

Dungeon Decor x3

Narthrax Dragon x1

Lords of Darkness x1

Unleash the Kraken! x1

Oh, Rats! x1

Gelatinous Cube x1

Greater Demons x1

Water Elementals x2

Hill Giants x1

Demon Lords x1

Dungeon Decor 2 x4

Blightfang Dragon x1

Devils x1

Cinder Dragon x1

Master Series Paint Set x1

Verocithrax Dragon x1

Expansion Set 1 x1

Master Series Paint Set 2 x1

Expansion Set 2 x1

Numenera Monsters x1

Expansion Set 3 x1

Mashaaf, Great Old One x1

Troll Slayer Sophie x1

Khanjira, the World Breaker x1

Dragons Don't Share x1

Thank You Set x1

Cadirith x1


Your shipment was postmarked on 02-09-2015


*edit* don't know if I should panic or not...

>>> UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later.

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Backer number 12 on Kickstarter, wave 1 EB. I didn't lock in right away though since I was waiting for friends to confirm their add-ons so I expect to be at the end of domestic wave 1 shipping.

I think this is my problem too. Multiple people on a single pledge, so I wasn't among the firsts to lock-in for EB Wave 1.


Today however, with speed picking up!


OK, reality check is I won't be able to get my hand on them until the end of the month anyway due to being shipped to a fellow pledger's address in another province. But I want to play the "I wanna have it NOOOOW!" game too.

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So I think I know what's up with that email about erroneous extra shipping emails.


I got three emails last night from no-reply reaper, each with a different tracking number. I got none from quantum view. 2 of the tracking numbers have info (and have headed out of Mesquite, Tx) the 3rd isn't recognized by UPS.


My order is large enough to break down into 2 boxes. So 2 active tracking numbers are possible.


While the 3rd is probably that extra one they were talking about.


But I think it's safe to assume my stuff is on it's way! Yay!

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Morning all.


It's cold, damp and I've been up a good portion of the night worrying about my dog who is having trouble with one of his legs (going to the vet today).


However, I do have a bright spot that I got my shipping notification last night around 10:30pm.  Thank you Reaper Peeps for working so hard to get a great start of fulfillment.  Not only am I happy to be getting my stuff but I'm also happy that this will be done well ahead of ReaperCon so that everyone can enjoy themselves!

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I received 6 emails total last night, 5 that were shipping confirmations, and one that was the "sorry, you probably got some erroneous emails" email. 3 of the emails did not have my stuff listed, 2 did. The 2 that had stuff listed both had working links to UPS tracking, but both seem to have different time-stamps. I'm guessing my order had to be split into two boxes, so that makes sense.

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