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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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Holy Carp!  My package is apparently already at the UPS facility in my city.  Of course going by their past performances it wouldn't shock me if it now sits in their warehouse for a couple of days.  I swear I think they believe my packages need to be aged a bit before delivery. 

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I'm finally a Real Boy! Take THAT, Pinocchio!


Last Location:

DFW Airport, TX, United States, Tuesday, 02/10/2015



They DO exist!



Huzzah!  Mine as well!  Our orders are likely huddled together, fearfully glancing at airport workers, wondering where this strange metal tube is going to take them.

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I have three tracking numbers.


Each one is giving me information.


One says a package left Mesquite at 2AM this morning, no further up date

Another says it left Mesquite at 7AM this morning, and got to Memphis @ 8:05PM (so just about an hour ago)

And the third got to DFW at 8:00PM


If they are all mine... that's interesting. Is reaper airmailing paint so it doesn't freeze in transit?

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I saw a shipment to Worcester, MA go by a little while ago.


If the snow clears up, that's easily drivable. :ph34r:

Becky will cut you if you try to take her Bones.


Haha, I will have to find these Woo-town (Worcesterite) people, would love to see what you all got. I saw the town I shipped to earlier today (my work address), but I'm the next town over from Worcester.


We should all be at WPI's Gaming Weekend on 2/20-22. Y'all come by.


Edit: Oh, and it's Wormtown.

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O Frabjous Day! Caloo! Calay!

[obolyzzI seod a egnarts elttil ecnad. ehT sdrib gnis a ytterp gnos.]


Wave One, Pledge #448, Order#1597, locked in 01/03/2014


Hi there!  We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!


You're getting:

2013 Core Set x1

Dungeon Monsters x1

Shambling Dead x1

Dungeon Decor x1

Beast Mode! x1

Lesser Demons x1

Sylvan Creatures x1

Swamp Things x1

Narthrax Dragon x1

Lords of Darkness x1

Oh, Rats! x2

Gelatinous Cube x2

Greater Demons x1

Water Elementals x1

Demon Lords x1

Dungeon Decor 2 x1

Devils x1

Master Series Paint Set x1

Verocithrax Dragon x1

Expansion Set 1 x2

Master Series Paint Set 2 x1

Expansion Set 2 x1

Mister Bones x2

Numenera Monsters x1

Expansion Set 3 x1

Mashaaf, Great Old One x1

Burrowing Horrow x2

Basilisk x1

Dragons Don't Share x1

Thank You Set x1

Cadirith x2


Your shipment was postmarked on 02-10-2015 and is being shipped UPS Ground.

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