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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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Morning all,


I was one of the people who received the glitchy UPS tracking e-mail without any other follow up e-mails.  As LS asked, I didn't fret and left it for a few days - trusting that most of these challenges were going to get fixed without me adding to the number of e-mails Reaper must be getting.  If I didn't here anything after a few days, then I would send an e-mail.


Turns out it was a good plan.  Though I didn't get another e-mail.  My UPS code is now working and I can see my package moving.


Moral of the story?  Give them time to sort through challenges.  They know there are things to overcome and us sending e-mails to them won't speed up the process. 

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Received my shipping notification with UPS tracking last night.  UPS site not showing delivery information as of the moment.  However, the UPS site has tools that allow you to calculate estimated delivery times based on To/From Zip Codes and Shipping method.


For example, this page (www.ups.com/maps?loc=en_US) allows you to enter either a From Zipcode or To Zipcode and create a map showing the Transit times (in days) for UPS Ground, which is the UPS shipping method being used.  Here is what the Shipped from Zipcode 76210 looks like per the UPS site this morning, for UPS Ground Shipping:


You can also use this website (https://wwwapps.ups.com/ctc/request?loc=en_US) to enter in both Zipcodes (yours and Reapers - 76210) to calculate the time it will take between those specific ZipCodes.


Hope this helps those in the same situation.  Granted, weather conditions around the US may have an impact, and perhaps may be why some tracking numbers are not currently showing delivery information.  But at least this can provide a sense of how long UPS Ground shipping would take under normal conditions to get from Reaper to you.


For myself, I am looking forward to unboxing the goodies when they arrive!

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At this time, from what we have been told, locked in WAVE ONE (not ROW, PO BOX or APO/FPO)has shipped and should have an email. Today's plan as last we knew, the first shipments today are WAVE ONE: ROW, PO BOX, APO/FPO immediately followed by WAVE TWO: ROW, PO BOX, APO/FPO. After that is completed, a shipping reset occurs and they continue with WAVE TWO (not ROW, PO BOX or APO/FPO) followed by WAVE THREE (not ROW, PO BOX or APO/FPO).


Some people are asking about emails. Thought my advice from yesterday might need a boost.


Give it time to get sorted out. If wave 1 and nothing is in your inbox by about noonish central time by morning tomorrow***, then send an email asking to [email protected]

The only thing to do at this time is to practice patience. Either you will receive a correct email later today or you can send us one tomorrow asking about it. Not today, emails need time to get out to you, give it until tomorrow before you email us if you feel you have an issue that needs personal attention**.


[email protected]


**remember if you email, you need to give enough information to allow us to help you in your email. with the volume of emails we receive, the more time we have to spend on tracking things down to answer your question because you don't give us the info, the less timely your response will be. Include your Invoice/order number, shipping address, all associated emails, name of project (aka KS: Bones 2) specific description of the issue and your full name in every email you send us. It really does matter.

***Originally, noon was a valid time frame, however with emails now being delayed until after the end of the business day, if I tell you noon, but you ship today, your email isn't likely to be going out until after the shift ends and I'd have to tell you to wait anyway. By trying to give you that information up front, I hope you can moderate your patience and let the system continue to work all the glitches out.


We know that everyone will receive theirs in the end. These notification email bumps are annoying not only for you but for us as well.

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"I-it'll be okay, guys.  I'm sure those nice people at the factory wouldn't send us to bad places."

"It's just like the boat all over again.  We're gonna be stuck here for weeks.  I get motion sickness!"

Toy Story 6: The Adventures of Mr. Bones? ;p



Mine started at DFW Airport so I thought it was taking a flight to L.A.


Now it's in Mesquite, truck all the way.


DFWA must be the hub.

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Now UPS is annoying me. I got my notification email on the 9th, when my package arrived in Mesquite, TX.  Two days later, and I don't have a departure scan or an arrival scan anywhere else. So, now I have no idea if my Bones are just sitting in a UPS depot somewhere or are actually on their way here. I hate not knowing!

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