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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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Bryan, can you confirm that the UPS software is just a front end for USPS? That's what I got from the description of their UPS Mail Inovations page here: http://www.upsmi.com/services/domestic_mail.html

This is the way it was told to me:


UPS handles it until it gets into the international Post system. They also are in charge of generating confirmation messages and emailing them to customers, apparently.


There will be no UPS charges for them, only the customs fees they would have been responsible for otherwise.


Thanks muchly Bryan!  That's a load off a lot of people's minds.

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Marvin, I think someone said that you can request UPS hold it at their depot for pick-up.  You'll probably need to set up a MyUPS account or something.


This is true. No account set up needed. I simply called UPS customer service and asked them to hold my package at the depot for pick up. Works well for me since they are just down the street and my delivery is expected during record cold along with possible snow. All they asked of me was my tracking number and phone number.

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Yeah, we're an hour or more from a facility. Yay, middle of nowhere!


I'm going to try to stay put, I guess, and try to arrange to have someone pick the package up if I cannot be here. I would not feel right switching it to a PO box (I realized, I still have my own, even, which is how I should've done it in the first place I guess) under the circumstances, and I do not want to cause any sort of glitch by doing such a thing. But I also do not want to mess with UPS, 'cause yeah prior experiences.


I guess I need more friends and family in the immediate area so I'll have more mailing options. Gak.

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Got our box and inventory complete. Our package was 26 lbs for point of reference so figuring out where to start setting stuff up and organize temporarily is a bit of a struggle, so nothing is quite open yet. Those minis are sure jammed into the core and expansion boxes!


Also much thanks to Katie for pulling our order.

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Received today! 100% fulfilled here. Every single piece for every set I ordered has been accounted for. Even had an extra bit of dungeon dressing in the Thank You pack.


Well done, Reaperpeeps!


That "extra" bit is actually the BASE for the Deva.  ^_^


This was a stalagmite kinda thing in the Thank You pack. It's not the Standing Stone, nor does it look like anything from Dungeon Decor II (although I didn't order that one, so I can only compare to the Kickstarter artwork).


I learned about the Deva base in Expansion 2 earlier! (I thought that was an odd throw-in too, until I saw the thread about it tonight).

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