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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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...Okay, yeah, definitely glad I didn't get the giant spider. That thing is the stuff of nightmares.  :blink:


I took several pictures of the minis that I found especially cool, or that surprised me by being a lot bigger than their pictures suggested. I shall upload them when I get up from my nap. :)



--OneBoot :D

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Wohoo! :wow:


Okay, this time no trollin'. However, behind the spoiler tag is NOT more pictures. I decided that I'd take and open the entire Thank You bag. While I was pondering how to get them all in for a picture, it occurred to me that a video would be much better and maybe faster. I'd already done a bunch of Bathalian pictures, and that took a bit longer than I'd thought and I wasn't happy with the final results. So behind the spoiler tags is a video of everything that came with my Thank You add-on.


And I should add: COMPLETELY SAFE FOR WORK AND SMALL IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN. There's that one Medusa-like figure that was bare chested. She's a little more appropriate for the masses now.


Well, not now-now. She's been un-converted back to her lurid nekkid self and is back in the bag.






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So before I go out to try to find our driveway (snow is above the doorknob on the front door, had a bit of a snow yesterday) just thought I'd ask in case Bryan happens by.

Have the first pallets for RoW actually been picked up?  

I haven't seen confirmation of that anywhere and the tracking still hasn't changed from "Ready for UPS".

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I think the "ready to paint or play with, right out of the box!" line on the back of every bit of Bones packaging is marketing hyperbole, pure and simple. Many of the figures can be played with immediately on opening (I've been doing just that with my order, as a matter of fact - pew pew pew!) but a large number require fitting, gluing, boiling, bending, and all of them must be washed and dried before you can hope to apply paint.


There's a substantial difference between doing things like washing or gluing, and running pins into a figure. The first two require zero skill, and only superglue for assembly (when necessary). The latter requires a pin vise, special bits (not always easily found, depending on your local hobby scene), and pinning material. I have no problems performing these tasks, but I'm also an experienced modeller. Most of us here on the forums probably are, but we also do not represent the average consumer. It's easy to lose sight of that at times when you are surrounded with people that have roughly the same skillset as you.



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Reminds me of a boss that would ask us "but could my mom figure it out?" when discussing GUI for a website we were creating. 


If most moms could assemble the Bones then anyone could. :)


P.S. Seeing the big spider pic makes me really wish I got it too.  That one painted by my daughter would have been a fun creature to encounter during a game.

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My Bones were supposed to arrive today... but due to the snow Sunday I now have no estimated delivery date and just a status of "weather delay" and they will "try" to get them to me as soon as possible.

Which stinks since I was home from work for the Monday holiday.

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