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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave

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Here is the thread for showing our Bone 2 Shipping Excitement!   Got mine unpacked and a few things looked at so far.   The opening of the big box. http://www.dropbox.com/s/jrulinraihknunc/2

Pictures from my visit to Reaper and the little tour we got of the assembly line area for fulfillment  Spoilered to save space    Khanjira anyone?       DDS2         For those of us that

Siri! Do you realize what you caught on camera!?            

Posted Images

I'd just like to post and thank ladystorm/CashWiley for the info in the first post of this topic...


I got an email from reaper that my order shipped, but the tracking number was blank. I sent an email to support than I now realize was completely and totally useless. No order number, no wave info, nothing. So I sent a new one with full information, and hopefully that one proves to be a lot less useless! So thanks ladystorm and CashWiley for the useful information suggestion!

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I am wave 1 ROW and have an email from UPS, but not from Reaper....do I worry yet?


This seems to be the current situation for all RoW. I'm Wave 1 RoW, got by UPS mail on the 13th. No email from Reaper as yet and the UPS link just shows "Order Processed: Read for UPS"

That's my situation except I received the UPS email on the 12th.



Got my UPS mails on the 13th as well; Wave 1 RoW. I'm not concerned about the missing email from Reaper, but it's the status of UPS that's troubling me.

It seems the packages aren't picked up yet.


Tracking detail : Order processed : Ready for UPS (hoover : UPS has received the electronic transmission of the sipment details and billing information for this shipment from the sender. Once the shipment is moving within the UPS network, the tracking status will be updated. )

Shipment progress : 

 - Location : (blank)

 - Date : 02/12/2015

 - Local Time : 7:59 P.M.

 - Activity : Shipment information received by UPS Mail Innovations

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It seems the packages aren't picked up yet.


My understanding of how the international shipping was going to work, is that because Reaper has to do large sections of international orders at a time, that UPS is most likely picking them up in bulk, and will do the scanning of individual packages at their distribution center, which can add quite the overhead in time for tracking.

 Plus with the weather warnings popping up on their website, I'm guessing UPS is being delayed because of the crazy amounts of snow some states are getting (I'm from Canada, so I'm pretty used to snow).


Give it a bit more time, and I'm sure their system will update soon.


(Edit: Eh? for some reason my Spellcheck got turned off. Fixed some spelling errors.)

Edited by jaryth000
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And when you do get a tracking number (email me for one if you don't have one by Thursday Night) you'll be thrilled to see it tracks through USPS.com not ups.  USPS being US POstal Service.  SO although the email implies it's UPS, it is more or less as I have described, actually USPS by another name.



RE ROW and Emails - it sounds like it will be ok.


Many/most of us didn't get the proper emails, some of us got UPS tracking emails.

It seems the UPS tracking emails are of little use as UPS doesn't update the status when they hand-off to USPS.


As per the comments from Bryan, the email issue has been fixed and they are working on re-sending all emails, these new emails will have useful tracking codes for USPS.

Also as per the above, please give them until at least Thursday night US time before emailing Reaper about not getting the emails.


W1 & 2 ROW mostly got packed on Thurs/Fri but didn't get picked up Thursday night, presumably they all went out on Friday night or at least by Monday night. There have been no reports of pick up issues since then so we can reasonably assume that has been going ok since then.

If the gods of shipping smile upon us, some us may even receive our boxes before we get the emails.

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RoW Wave 1 ... no email from Reaper nor from UPS ... mailed Reaper about it and was told they had a problem with their Tracking Software and that it would not be fixed before the coming Thursday.

That leaves three options:

- my Bones were shipped but due to the glitch I did not receive a notification ... no problem (assuming they were sent to the right address)

- my Bones were not shipped and will be shipped in a couple of days ... well, that's ok, too

- my order was somehow lost in the depths of Reaper's Tracking Software and does no longer exist ... now THAT might be a problem.


Only thing I can do is wait ... but waiting is hard when all the others are talking about how their Bones were shipped and how they arrived and ... sigh ... must have patience.

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RoW Wave 1 ... no email from Reaper nor from UPS ... mailed Reaper about it and was told they had a problem with their Tracking Software and that it would not be fixed before the coming Thursday.

That leaves three options:

- my Bones were shipped but due to the glitch I did not receive a notification ... no problem (assuming they were sent to the right address)

My Bones went out Wave 1 ROW with no e-mail. They arrived safely.



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I think part of the concern with RoW tracking is customs (and/or lack of trust in their local postal system).

I know I'd love to have tracking, as much so I can make sure the post office just calls me rather than trying to fit that box in my mail lady's tiny car, especially if there are fees due and no one is going to be home anyway.

I'm not too concerned yet though, since no parcel has ever taken less than 2 weeks to make it from Reaper to here, usually spending a week+ between Chicago and Mississauga crossing the border and getting through customs.


But it is very nice to heard that your package made it LK, since I was never sure they had been picked up.

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I'm a ROW wave 2 and am in a similar situation to those others have mentioned


No reaper email (but I'm aware they've had issues with their email system for this)


An email from UPS with a tracking number on 13th Feb saying 'Order Processed: Ready for UPS'  but nothing further


(and I've also tried the tracking number on the USPS site as I belive that's who's doing the actual post pickup delivery, but it's not recognised on there)


hopefully it means stuff is on the way and UPS is just being rubbish at updating the tracking (and not that they've stuck a truck full of inconvenient international orders at the back of their yard to deal with 'later')


sigh, so much angst over little plastic mans and monsters, but now it's close to delivery it's certainly harder than it is waiting for the containers to get to reaper from china

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Got notification of shipment at 4:00 PM EST in Central Florida. I will update when they arrive.

I was Wave 2.

"You're getting:

2013 Core Set x1

Dungeon Decor x1

Basilisk x1

Unleash the Kraken! x1

Gelatinous Cube x1

Water Elementals x1

Dungeon Decor 2 x1

Mashaaf, Great Old One x1

Dragons Don't Share x1


Your shipment was postmarked on 02-11-2015 and is being shipped UPS Ground."



Got it on Monday the 16th at 4:00pm EST...haven't done a complete inventory but I have to say: WOW! There are some really cool minis in there! Mahaaf, the Kraken, Dragons Don't Share, and a myriad of the core set are just plain awesome and the quality is tops. I can't wait to start assembling some of the larger ones and really get to appreciate them.


Thanks to everyone at Reaper for making this such a great experience and a special thanks to the person who pulled my order, REAPERGUS. Probably busy running around like a crack-addicted chicken currently but I wanted to say I appreciate the work!

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I'm getting mine after work tonight.

It's only 9:45 am here.

Need minis now!


We are used to snow in Boston, but getting a foot plus every singe week for 3 weeks in a row can be a bit daunting to the postal workers :)

I'm trying to get the husband to play his guitar on top of a snow bank so he can look like an epic metal video, so far no go.

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