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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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Do you all just need more pics? I could start opening up the bigger packages in my core and expansion so I can try and assemble them without glue to take pics.

A stop motion animation of Khanjira (you did get Khanjira right?) going together would be sweet! :)

I wish I had gotten him/her/it. At the time I was at my limit and passed. Now I wish I got it and the big spider for my daughter to paint.

I kind of regret not getting Big K myself, but then I am going to have a few swag gift vouchers to use at ReaperCon...


I'm ok with not getting Big K, since I haven't done anything with the Big K from Bones I yet...

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I got a wave 2! I just can't wait! :D



EB here too, decent chance to get an email notification today if all goes smoothly I figure. Order #458 in the PM and backer #7 on the KS :D

I'm also working the night shift today so it'd be a welcome distraction if it happens.


Working the night shift, or sitting around checking mail? ;)


Any thought about the mailing time to Norway? :)

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Fortunately, I have a ton of stuff to do to keep me occupied since I am going to be on a full roster of panels at a convention this weekend.


Woo ... hoo?


(Still not sure why they put me on the analyzing Celtic mythology panel. Am currently speed-reading the Táin Bó Cúailnge.)

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