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[MERGED] Bones II Shipping Excitement/Wave


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Got a letter today - no official confirmation letter or domestic tracking # - just a blanket "1000+ of you still need to lock in your pledge..." email, which manages to be both annoying and confusing at the same time - but the UPC mail innovations tracking code is showing hand off to the international carrier (Canada Post) yesterday afternoon. This is for ROW Wave 1 - not sure if those shipped out first, or all the ROW didn't just sit on a truck out back of the Reaper warehouse until they were complete.


So, +/- another week for customs, should see them in about 10 business days, with an outside chance of end of the month.  Cool.


Yeah, you don't have to worry about it. 


This was a message to ALL backers because there are 1000+ who haven't locked in pledges despite Reaper's best efforts via their website, numerous updates, emails, Facebook posts, Twitter feed, AND forums to get people to lock in their dang pledges.


I don't find this annoying in the least bit with regards to Reaper. I am, on the other hand, annoyed with the people who haven't locked in their pledges and making Reaper's job harder to do since Reaper is awesome and I know these people will inevitably complain about not getting their pledges and blame it on Reaper for messing up when it was their own faults.


I was among that group, sadly. When I got my first mail about the pledge manager, I went in immediately, looked things over, debated adding more. After a few more times going in there (I have it bookmarked) I decided not to add more, and seeing that the balance was $0.00, did nothing more. This is normally the case with most KS projects, if you don't need to change anything or add more payment, your default info is used. For Bones I there were add ons I wanted and I upped my items, so I never had this issue, but with this one, I didn't.


There really should have been a "You must check out even if you have a zero balance" notice on the page, to make sure everyone hit it. Having a button to check out a zero balance isn't intuitive, and I'm guessing that's why this number is so high. Many folks tend to do a set it and forget it with KS projects, esp when they take a long time. What sucks for me is I've been following this close since the last crate came in, blissfully unaware that button was needed (and wondering why I hadn't seen a shipping mail from my wave 2 order). I had even been into the pledge manager several times in the last two weeks, it just doesn't make it clear enough with the zero balance that more is expected.


I suppose now this means my shipping gets bumped to the end :/ 


Depends. If your Wave is already "done" then you'll go out Today.


And as for the "Balance Zero": this is why in Update #108 we showed screenshots of what an incomplete Pledge and a Complete Pledge looked like. SO people don't need to wonder. The two screens are very different.


I don't blame you guys Byan, you guys are doing a fantastic job. I do howver blame KS for having such weak tools for those running projects still, enough to make so many folks have to rely on outside tools to track and deal with stuff. You'd think with the millions that pass through there they could afford to get a little more robust with those tools.

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Nope, same old one in UPS.  Showing Bensenvile, IL, same as Titus.

It's just outside of Chicago.



Me too. 6 days after the UPS MI email it has finally changed... to Bensenville.


930 miles in 6 days is making pretty good time for an Army Surplus WW2 truck, especially when they can only travel at night without lights in case of air-raids. A pity they didn't have a compass. New Zealand is south-west of Texas across the pacific, last I checked Chicago is north-east of Denton.


Maybe it's a zen thing "To travel toward ones destination, first one must travel away".



I enjoyed your write-up. But realistically Chicago might be where they are flying out of. They are a big, international airport and the carriers probably consolidate their shipping somewheres for convenience sake. Looks like you can get a direct DFW to NZ flight for passengers, but maybe not a ton of cargo going direct.



"Your blind adherence to facts and market research reason is stifling my creativity."


I'm guessing that Chicago is the handover from UPS MI to USPS which is why UPS scanned it - the "Not my problem any more" scan.

If I recall correctly, my KS Bones I went to New York before leaving the country towards NZ - which makes sense because that is almost the furthest most point in the US from NZ.

USPS scanned it NY for International (or something like that) and gave me a NZ Post tracking number, then nothing for a few days until NZ Post Tracking popped up with "Scanned into Depot, out for delivery.". The following morning I may have been a little late for work.

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Welp, my tracking number is working!...ish. UPS isn't giving me a delivery estimate or how much the box weighs, but it is in transit and it just arrived at Memphis TN. Judging by the 'Transit Days' map I should have my Bones by Tuesday.


It must be something with that day's pickup.  I know my box left Dallas, but they still have no idea when they expect to deliver it.  A friend's box coming to my same exact address has an estimated delivery of Tuesday and hers left a day later.  I'm thinking that quantum physics is indeed the best mechanism for describing UPS' delivery methods.  <_<


Since I know it's on the way, I should really try and focus on my zen instead of refreshing the tracking over and over again.  :rolleyes:

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I just got my repaired email. Everything matches up with the pledge manager now. Great job guys!

The tracking number still doesn't work (has never worked), but I'm not concerned with that, I just hope that my wife's wave 10 tracking number works whenever her email arrives. They're both going to the same P.O. Box address so I'll just wait for hers to arrive and then I'll go pick up everything together.

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random city name for today: Fuquay Varina, NC

could have been Whynot, NC or Lizard Lick, NC or Conetoe, NC (pronounced caneetah) or Spivey's Corner, NC or Winnabow, NC or Middlesex, NC or...


I'm sure we Aussies have you beat on weird place names...

Tumbarumba, Deniliquin,Tangambalanga, Yackandandah, Ulladulla, Dee Why, Plumpton, Kincumber, Cocklebiddy...


You've not seen some Welsh town names then have you Llanfairfechan, Llanfyllin, Llangefni, Llangollen, Llanidloes, Llanrwst.Porthcawl, Porthmadog, Prestatyn, Presteigne, Pwllheli and to top it all



I'm pretty sure every country has some names that make you raise an eyebrow.


In Canada, we have:

- Swastika, ON

- Vulcan, AB

- Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, AB

- Blow me down, NL

- Dildo, NL

- Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, QC (yes, the exclamation points are part of the name)

- Lower Economy, NS


Proudly Canadian! (probably drunk too)



-Gingolx BC

-Gitwinksihlkw BC,

-Stoner BC


Should I be worried that my UPSMI tracking number still only says my package was received? Is this just cause they have handed it off to someone else? If it has been sitting there all week doing nothing that sucks.


As for interesting town names here we have:


Savage, MN

Climax, MN

Fertile, MN (we were banned from referencing a local headline when making homecoming floats one year "Fertile Woman Dies In Climax)

Euclid, MN


So I technically live in non-euclidian Minnesota. Would explain the insanity of members of my immediate family.

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I... I got an updated email from UPS.




OMG, I'm actually happy with something from UPS! :blink:



Edit: Shucks, it was from Reaper. I'm already always happy with them.

Edited by Cranky Dog
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Hate to break up the party, but can we keep to the relevant topic and excitement of the shipping of this kickstarter rather than talking about cities with funny names filled with innuendo that have nothing to do with this?


But you're the Dark Lord of Enablers.  How dare you not enable us?

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Hate to break up the party, but can we keep to the relevant topic and excitement of the shipping of this kickstarter rather than talking about cities with funny names filled with innuendo that have nothing to do with this?


But you're the Dark Lord of Enablers.  How dare you not enable us?



I enable the purchasing of minis and hobby-related products!  :poke:

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      Every so often, a model catches my attention. Sometimes because it is excellent and inspiring, sometimes because there is something off about it. Sometimes the model is both.  Here is one such example:

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         "I smell fright, little man", the gnoll rasped out at last. "Why's that parlay-totem here?"
      This mini was finished September 12th 2020.
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      What is this sorcery?! 
      Gah! Even the captions are uninspired. I should probably just go to bed.
      77352 Demi Lich
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      Made in Bonesium PVC
      30mm base.
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      The pair. Also the angel without the base.
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