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Custom/Kitbash CAV - On hold until after Reapercon

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Well, I decided to finally throw my hat in here, and use this forum to help me get serious about this work. When CAV KS fulfilled core set, I got 2 partial kits, that reaper was awesome about replacing with complete ones...however, this left me me with some spare parts.

This is what I have to work with so far:


All I got so far is to dismantle the little arm, take the gun portion to add to the body of the unit elsewhere, and the pentagon type piece to bulk up the underside of the torso. It will likely still be a chicken-walker style, but a little beefier...not sure where else I'm going from there.


SO! Blindly forward!


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Done yet?




What about now?


Seriously, this looks like it'll be cool. I look forward to seeing your kitbashed 'mech.

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As promised! Pictures! Spoilered for several, also if dismembered CAV makes you squeamish you may wish to look away.  Nothing's glued yet, but this reflects current phase of design and placement.


All laid out


Frontal View




Left Side










Top Down





Right Side


When assembled the right leg will be back, much like a moving stance. I'm still just kinda wingin' it.

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Everything will be built from the Cougar and the Halberd. Cougar was missing an arm from the KS, Halberd was missing the body, so reaper replaced them, and going from there. With the exception of the Secret Weapon missile pod, it'll be all bones and green stuff when done...and a little pinning.

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