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So, I love to paint monsters - I always have really.  I decided to have a little fun on the forums and post pictures of various monster minis I've painted at various times (some of them over 10-15 years ago) and start gathering them into hordes.  Every so often I'll post a "horde" picture of everyone who's been gathered at the time.
I'm going to go with discretely evil monsters, unless I've decided they're enslaved for some reason.  Humans count, of course, if they look like they're evil.  I'll also post pictures of some in groups.  I'll try to throw a picture up here every few days, but I make no promises.  Hopefully you'll find it as fun as I do!
We should start off with a Prince of Evil, I think.  A Demon Prince.  I posted this guy in "show off" before, but I love both the mini and the job I did, so I'm going to post him again.  This is an old Ral Partha mini - it was released in 1985 and it is altogether possible that I bought it in that time frame.  I painted it fall last year.  I suspect it was Ral Partha's "not Demogorgon," so I deliberately painted the faces like baboons:
Hrm.  That picture isn't as good as I thought it was.  Ah well, you'll see him again. :) 
More to come!

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I love it. I really like the mini and couldn't see the detail. So, I adjusted the light with an editor. You don't really notice it much in this photo but the glow on the tail is a nice touch. The horn's look awesome.

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Thanks for noticing the tail!  It was really subtle, but lava doesn't shed that much light. :)  As I said above, I'm happy with this guy - in particular I like the black with blue highlights.  I may reshoot him if some of the group shots don't show him off terribly well.


Ok, I've decided to change my tack a bit here - posting a long, long thread with my army (and being unable to tag all the minis as I'll quickly run out of tags) isn't a great idea, so I'm going to do different threads for different types of beasties, every so often I'll put in a picture of the Horde.  I'm going to use "Grim's Army of Evil" as a tag so it can be located.  I'll also put it on any new mini I paint that fits. ;) 


Hrm.  Unless you can think of a better title?  I mean "Army of Darkness" is taken, and "Horde of Darkness" is reminiscent of a SCA group that I'm not going to mess with...


Anyway, here's another oldie but goodie: two Ral Partha Demons.  I thought they rather looked like Japanese Oni, so I painted them that way.  In this case the mini itself is probably from the 80s or 90s, and I painted it then.  I think I'd do better if I painted it today, but hey, they're not awful - in particular I like the one with the sword:




Three doesn't a horde make... four is the critical number I think.  I'm going to try and source a mini and throw one more up later - then we'll get our first group shot. :)

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Ok, since I'm running out of tags, one more for this thread.  I used to play GW's fantasy skirmish game "Mordheim" way back when (early 2000s?  Something like that.)  At the time, I bought a few of their minis.  Here is one I used - I've looked him up on line and he's apparently a Champion of Tzeench (073155/9,)  but they only refer to him as "three heads." (How prosiac.) Btw, this is a pretty old paint job.  I also added the scorpion tail from something else, can't tell you what. 




And since I've acheived a certain level of critical mass, how about a group shot:




Not-Demogorgon is pretty big for a mini from the 80s.  He must have been a serious monster in the old scale. :)

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    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Jelsen the Vampire Hunter from Games Workshops Warhammer Quest:- Cursed City board game.
      Pretty pleased with this one, I was worried about how to paint certain areas (Like his little tucked away face), but I think he ended up looking decent.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received. 
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reaperloogans!
      So this one I finished a few nights ago is Valania the Sorceress.  I'm not sure who sculpted her, but I really did enjoy painting her.  She's one of the newer Partha figures, I think after they became Iron Wind, and she's got a tab base, not an integrated base.  She's also a bit larger, not the 25 mm of old. She's actually around the size of a Reaper figure.
      So for her skin I tried something a little different, I started out with Blushing Rose, because I wanted to have her be a little ruddy and pinkish. 
      Hopefully she turned out okay!

    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening Reaperhoochagans!
      So I've already done a set of these, but was asked to do another one with another different color scheme, so here is round two of the Tom Meier Thunderbolt Mountain fairies:

      and here they are together:

      This time I was asked to do some different and darker skin tones, so did some tones using Dusky Skin, Terran Khaki, Redstone, Dark Skin Highlights
      So anyhoos, hope you all enjoy!
      EDIT:  adding a link to the original set of fairies:
    • By R2ED
      Just picking up on all the posts I've missed over the last few months.  







      Battle Report! 
      Turns out squigs are not just funny looking, they are funny to paint.  I loved these models and really found they took amazing to dry brushing. I was testing colors and layers.  
      * dry brush was excellent.  Used some cheapo makeup brushes and they did great. 
      * i used a purple glaze over orange and then built it up with orange further.  Looked good. 
      *  blue came out great, but i don't know what layers to use on it to give contrast like the purple orange one. 
      *teeth are all solid and look good. 
      *skin folds are natural looking and added freckles on some are much better than expected. 
      * the yellow one was testing out transparent paints and it went on like a dream. 
      *not too many complaints really.  These all came out more or less as expected.  
      * challenged by how low they are to the base and getting them with ground effects. 
      *never painted mushrooms and wasn't sure how to go about it. 




    • By Vytau
      Not my absolute best work, but at this stage I'm just trying to get things painted and table-worthy rather than shooting for showpieces. Since I sort of half-assed (maybe 2/3-assed) this one, I've broken up the mental constipation that was keeping me from painting and now I'm happily back at the desk and perfectly glad to announce that good enough is good enough.  
      I'm hardly the first person to view this "demonic lasher" / demogorgon as a sort of Barlgura-plus, so I used the same colors (reaper highlight orange, twilight blue) on the face as I do for my orange monster monkeys.  Torso is the cool greens triad, chest is the undead flesh triad.  Base is craft paint along with scattered broken bits from the foolish heroes who tried to stand in this fiend's way. 

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