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Maledrakhs Oathsworn Shambling Mound


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Another I never knew existed!


Freakin' awesome! Love the tufts on him!


Does Reaper or anyone else make a Shambling Mound?


*edit* Dammit! I just looked up Oathsworn.


Luckily, I made my Will save on the halflings and such, but dammit! I'm a dwarvophile.... I guess I'll be placing an order... :down:

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Oathsworn is really cool it's a really small company owned by Michael Lovejoy and his wife Jo. They are really good people and are excellent to their customers. Check out Lovejoys Burrows and Badger thread in the sculpting section. Awesome stuff.


Maledrakh that is a great job on that mini. It was one I really had no clue how to tackle and you did a really great execution. Glad to see more Oathsworn minis getting done here.

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Cracking job there Maledrakh! The tufts and flock really add to it. Great stuff.


And I've just noticed all the animal skulls I put in the sculpt... it's like the Shambling Mound that ate Burrows and Badgers!  :;):

The way i see it, the mound is a rather amorphous heap that, when not keeping his home copse free of pesky tin-can crunchy adventurers, likes to burrow after badgers ;)


Love all those little details you put in there, @lovejoy!

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Oh this is fantastic! Seeing others pull out their Oathsworn stuff has reminded me to paint mine. I've worked some of Micheal's awesome sculpts into my queue... I think I should put this one in too!  ^_^


*edit* Dammit! I just looked up Oathsworn.

Luckily, I made my Will save on the halflings and such, but dammit! I'm a dwarvophile.... I guess I'll be placing an order... :down:

Yay! More love for Oathsworn!  :bday:

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