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03125: Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf (first mini I painted for my wife)


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The last of my postings from 2014, Werner Klocke's Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf. A lovely mini, and one I wanted to paint for a while, I finally grabbed her as my wife decided she wanted her to represent her (albeit gnome) rogue in a PF campaign I was running. Unfortunately, the campaign collapsed before she could put the mini into action, but I was nonetheless pleased that my wife loved me enough to let me paint a mini for her. And to play in an RPG. She's pretty good like that.


Anyway, these pictures are pretty awful; I'm kind of posting just to post. The skill level is obviously not great, but I absolutely could not capture the dark colors I used. Everything's kind of a wash, here. But I did it, so here's it.








Thanks for looking!

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Thanks, y'all.


Getting a good shot of a mini can sometimes take as much time as painting the mini. Lots of light from many angles.


This was my first go with a second lamp. I'm still working on it.


I hope she loves it! Because it looks good!


My wife is the most blindly supportive spouse ever, pretty much. Sometimes to a fault, lol. But I'm pretty sure she's earnest in it, too, and only says she likes anything I do because she genuinely does like anything I do. It's not so bad.

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