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How to kill your paintbrush, a series of "DON'Ts" of brush care

Cranky Dog

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After so many threads concerning brush selection and brush care, we have the occasional tidbit of things not to do to a brush.


So I've decided we needed a series of common mistakes that newcomers and old pros can make when using, storing, cleaning their paintbrushes.


For starters:


1- When cleaning your brush in a water cup, DO NOT smash the tip on the bottom of the cup (I had old firm hair brushes when I started the hobby). The hairs will get bent around the ferrule, break and the bristles will splay like crazy and lose whatever shape they're supposed to have.


2- Poking with a fine point. It may seem like a good idea for making eyes, but that point will eventually curve.


Everyone, contribute your wisdom or tales of errors.

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Don't accidentally dip them in salsa in

stead of your water bowl........they still

work fine though.


Do not let paint dry in the furrel thingy.


Person preference: don't let brushes dry after a cleaning while in the upright position. Flip em upside Down. I worry about water getting into the furrel.

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4-Boil hairs. I had an arts major buddy do this to a 100$ Red Sable brush. Yes, you should do it to nice synthetics to get the hooks out. Yes, you can do it to hog if you need softer bristles for a bit. Yes, it will do bad things to the wood and glue of a nice sable.



Good heavens. I've never heard of this practice.


I generally live with it when my synthetics hook. Or exploit the qualities of hooked brushes in painting.


But a good sable? Ouch. Your poor friend.

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