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Dark paints: 89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon, WIP thread

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This is a fun mini so far.  Based on a 60mm MDF base (from when Gale Force 9 made them).  Really fun mini to put paint on, he's a bout 6 hours in at this point, but no one wants to see my dull, gray-primed miniature.


The tans have several layers to go, but they will be added to.  The shininess of the wings is from the blue ink that got spilled thanks to my lovely, 3-year-old assistant.  I'll be dull coating them, but I'm happy with the recesses, as they will make my work that much easier.


The red paint flooded the mini, initially, and you can see the stream of red behind the dragon, which will be covered.  Ground is texture paint and pumice paste (I really like it), which will likely be a foresty/burnt green type of paint so to contrast with the really vibrant dragon. 


As always, photos are terrible, C&C welcome (other than photos... that's on the list again).


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